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  ..: Kidnapping, Torturing and selling Organs of Iraqi Prisoners :..
May 29, 2004

The following are translated excerpts of two articles published in the Palestinian Newspaper Al-Manar, derived from their sources in Iraq.

Torture to death for Iraqi prisoners: Stealing and Selling their Body Parts in the U.S

The Palestinian weekly newspaper Al-Manar, published on 28th May, 2004, in its edition number 675, an article stating that the U.S forces are torturing Iraqi prisoners to death and bury them in the desert after a division of an American company removes body
parts (organs) of these prisoners for sale and use in the U.S.

The newspaper states that the U.S company which is involved in these criminal activities is directed by high officers from of the American government. This company is involved in other criminal activities as well, like chasing and kidnapping Iraqi scientists and transferring them to special detention camps in the U.S. Some Iraqi scientists were killed by the members of a division of this company after hunting them down. The company is also involved in the kidnapping Iraqi kids and women, and selling them in slavery in different countries.

The Iraqi sources told Al-Manar newspaper that lots of Iraqi prisoners were “disappeared” after they were tortured in a very harsh manner. Some of these Iraqi prisoners were transferred to other U.S interrogations camps which are spread in countries close to Iraq.

Al-Manar says that a reason for the public knowledge of the now well-known torture pictures from Abu-Ghraib was friction between U.S. military officers due to conflicts between their commercial interests, as well as arguments between military officers in the field, officers from the American military headquarters, from the Pentagon and from the American intelligence systems, each group trying to defend their own interests. Another motive behind the release of the pictures is related to the upcoming elections in the U.S.A.

Al-Manar sources confirm that all the American leadership, from the Defense Ministry, the Intelligence, the Army and President Bush himself were in full knowledge about the torture of Iraqi prisoners. The instructions to the interrogators and the jail guards were very clear: “Use all ways of torture to let the prisoners make a confession”. According to these instructions the interrogators used all kind of shame, insults and torture methods during the interrogations.

Al-Manar says that the more horrible methods of torture used against Iraqis, like for example cutting off parts of their bodies, are not yet known to the public. The U.S military headquarter transferred some personnel suspected to be involved in spreading the information about the torture in Iraq outside of Iraq, to camps in Afghanistan, Southern Korea, and Kuwait. The Al-Manar sources in Iraq say that some prisoners lost their eyes, legs, hands and were killed during the U.S torture sessions. These persons were buried without informing their families. There were some women between these dead Iraqi prisoners.

According to Al-Manar, there is a big possibility that some of the members of the conflicting factions of the US officiality will be killed, especially those who are using the torture documentation against the others. Currently, the members of the American leadership are not coming out in public with accusations against each other, as they fear that by doing this the proof of their own involvement in the torture case will come to light.

The original article (in Arabic) is here. A local copy is stored here.

This picture found at seems to confirm the Al-Manar articles.

Americans Kidnapped 70 Iraqi Scientists and holds them in Secret Detention facilities in the States.

The Intelligence systems from different countries are rivaling each other on the land of Iraq to grab what they can. The most prominent intelligence competition in Iraq is between the Israeli Mossad and the U.S intelligence apparatus.

According to the Palestinian Al-Manar newspaper, the Israeli intelligence system mission in Iraq is to chase Iraqi scientists and experts who had any participation in the nuclear arms programs and who headed scientific teams during President Saddam's reign. The Israeli Mossad is rivaling with the American intelligence system, as both pursue the same interests in Iraq.

Al-Manar stated that the Israeli Mossad is not chasing these groups of experts and scientists for the sake of killing them. The Israeli Mossad is kidnapping and “transferring” them with their research to Israel. According to Al-Manar sources from Iraq, the American CIA has “transferred” over 70 Iraqi nuclear expert and scientists to the U.S, the CIA claimed these experts have a very extensive experience, and they don't want this knowledge accessible or transferred to anther Arab countries.

Some of the Iraqi scientists who tried to run away out of Iraq were killed during Mossad and CIA chasing operations. The Israeli Mossad in Iraq depends on an Iraqi cell which they drafted to work with them, in order to be able to fulfill their mission.

The Israeli Mossad first gained experience by chasing and killing nuclear scientists from the Soviet Union, who were kidnapped and transfered to the mid of Israel in secret after the fall of the Soviet government. The Mossad is using the same experience with the Iraqi nuclear scientists and experts.

The Soviet nuclear scientists are still held in a secret place in Israel which many sources think is inside a compound which is known in Israel as “The House of Special Rest and Enjoyment” and where only a small circle of military officers is allowed. This compound includes a whore house for high officers. It is near Tel-Aviv, to the north.

The original article (in Arabic) is here. A local copy is stored here.

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