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Information Officer
Anne Thomas
Tel: (+43-1) 26060-5588

Associate Information Officer
Regina Rohrbach
Tel: (+43-1) 26060-3898

Nikoleta Haffar
Tel: (+43-1) 26060-3336

Media Accreditation
Veronika Crowe-Mayerhofer
Tel: (+43-1) 26060-3342


Articles From 2012

The First Anniversary Of The Great East Japan Earthquake

President of Bolivia Insists in Legalization of Use of Coca Leaves

Internet Pharmacies Sell Illicit Drugs, Target Young Audiences

Drug Trafficking From Afghanistan

Ban Ki-moon: The Global Economic Crisis Is A Global Jobs Crisis

Syria and Golan Heights Discussed At UN Meeting

Articles  From 20 11

Gallery 1

Woman Attacked For Speaking Truth At The UN

Torture Without Limits, Jail Without Cause

Dairies of My Happiness and The Pain of Prisoners!

The Zionist Regime Under The Shadow of Inattention

Screams of a Prisoner Boy at the UN

Articles From 2010

Iran Confronts The Israeli Crimes At UN

A Prosaic Speech Of Solidarity With Israel

Confrontation With PA Commissioner At UN

IAEA 54th General Conference

Israel Delegation at IAEA 54th General Conference

IAEA Detect Devices Under Embargo

Voices Against Poverty

AIDS 2010

HIV Epidemic at a Crossroads

Tackling the Threat of Drugs

Condom Revolution Videos

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visit to Vienna

The Civil Society and The Palestinian Authority

Illegality of EU Relations With Israel

Israel has Breached Peremptory Norms of Humanitarian Law

The Construction of the Israeli Apartheid Wall

The UN is Not the Right Place for Honor Killings Talk

Questions at The UN About Ending the Occupation of Palestine

No Results: 12 Billion Dollars Disappeared in Palestine

Israeli Regime Revives the Apartheid Mentality

Palestine is Not a Humanitarian Issue

Tackling the Threat of Drugs

Women and Date-Rape Drugs

The UN Must End Israel War Crimes

Frauen von Vereinten Nationen

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