Yigal Sharon

The past is an integral part of the present, history is the past, especially if the past is associated with oppression, persecution and kavttyranny of the strong against the weak, and of the occupation against the occupied nation, women, children, patients, elderly and civilians.

If the past is associated with war crimes and crimes against humanity and injustice, then the history of the perpetrators is the history of criminals and their crimes, and the victims must never forget, never forgive, lest the perpetrators continue on their path of crimes. Nobody can ask from perpetrators to take responsibility for their crimes, because if they were responsible, or even capable of responsibility, to begin with, they would not engage in acts understood as reprehensible by the vast majority of humanity. The victims, on the other hand, have the responsibility not only to take care of ourselves, but to do everything in our power to stop the perpetrators, and to warn others about them.

I remember hearing my mother say that “the right can not be lost as long as the owner stands behind his right, questioning the right of the criminal and demanding his own right, until justice is achieved”.

The Justice is my goal, and the law is the only way to achieve justice, even after a hundred thousand years. If I die before achieving justice, I will leave it in will to my heirs to claim my rights, be it in one, ten, thousand or hundred thousand years. The jews will give me justice and restore my rights, be it the jews of today, or be it their descendants in 10.000 generations. (Kawther)

Yigal-1On August 21, 2009, I found out that the Israeli war criminal, the former military commander of Hebron, colonel Yigal Sharon, “יגאל שרון” had been appointed as CEO and a coordinator for foreign expansion of an Israeli coffee company, “Aroma“, in Europe (Romania, Ukraine, Cyprus) and elsewhere.

I know Sharon personally: he was the best of the worst of the IDF war criminals who served in the occupied territories. He was interested in having  good contact with journalists in order to cover the IDF crimes commited under his command.

I still remember all the grave crimes which he committed and yigal8covered in my homeland Hebron, (actually I was one of his victims, my hand was broken under his command). I have all the names of the children who were snipped, murdered and jailed under his command, I know all the military orders which he issued to pilfer the Palestinians property, I also appeared with him in the film “Hebron City without Mercy” in which I exposed the scandalous crimes of his soldiers, who forced Palestinians of Hebron to drink their urine in plastic bottles.

I know Yigal Sharon, who participated in and committed crimes against humanity, crimes of war against the civilian populations of Hebron, which all together amount to ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Kaw_BogiYigal Sharon also aided and abetted the criminal lawlessness of the jewish squatters present in Hebron: he conspired with them to dismiss the Israeli police chief at the time, Ish “Bono” Yemeni, who saw his duty in implementing the law equally for all instead of acquiescing to the crimes of the IDF and the squatters.

Because of Yigal Sharon shameful and criminal past, I wrote AROMA Coffee informing them that it is not acceptable to give employment as the representative of their company in Europe to a war criminal.

Yigal-azzeh1A copy of e-mail was sent to the European commission, the chambers of commerce of the countries where Aroma conducts business, and human organizations interested in the issue.

I have not received an answer from Aroma, so I decided to publish the letter, and to seek the help of everybody, also from human rights organizations, to help me to sue Yigal Sharon to try to secure an arrest warrant against him for war crimes anytime he enters Europe.

Picture 639From: K Salam <kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com>

To: info [at] aroma [dot] co [dot] il; dmachover [at] hickmanandrose [dot] co [dot] uk

Sent: Friday, August 21, 2009 5:25:50 PM

Subject: Yigal Sharon

Ladies and gentlemen,

I just found out that a war criminal, a murderer of Palestinian children in Hebron, colonel Yigal Sharon, is the CEO of Aroma Israel, and that he coordinates the development business abroad (in Europe and elsewhere).

As a defender of human rights, a journalist and a victim of colonel Yigal Sharon, and also in the name of many other victims of Yigal Sharon from Hebron, like for example Hosam abu Allan, Wael Al-Shukhi, Samer Karameh, Lina Misk, I would appreciate if you end the employment of Yigal Sharon with Aroma Israel, as a coordinator of the brand “Marrone Rosso” in Europe and elsewhere, and in any other position.

As a victim of Yigal Sharon and also in the name of the many other victims of the crimes of Yigal Sharon in Hebron, I think that it is not acceptable to give employment to a war criminal as the representative of your company in Europe or anywhere else, where human rights and the laws are respected. I reserve the right to initiate and follow legal steps against Yigal Sharon, wherever he is. I think that it is in the best interest of your company to not be seen as associated with a war criminal and perpetrator of ethnic cleansing and genocide. Outside of Israel, most people prefer not to buy their coffee from people with blood on their hands.

I ask your cooperation in bringing the war criminal Sharon to court for his many crimes. Much success for your company Aroma, but without the war criminal Yigal Sharon.

Thank you for your consideration,

Yigal-SharabatiSee more photos about victims of Yigal Sharon, and read more about him. Each photo reminds me of a crime. It is not fair to leave  criminals free. It is not just that war criminals to become lawyers.

Which are the laws that Yigal Sharon studied at the School of Law? Were they the unjust laws which he imposed  in my homeland. Or were they the codes of “honor” of criminal organizations, of gangs of murderers, thieves and rapists?

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Advertising? Werbung? Click on the picture below. Klicken Sie auf das Bild unten. kawther [dot] salam [at] gmail [dot] com


Advertising? Werbung? Click on the picture below. Klicken Sie auf das Bild unten. kawther [dot] salam [at] gmail [dot] com

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