Yair Naveh

Yair Naveh Yair Naveh
IDF Brigadier-General in retirement. He lives in Givat Shmuel. He is married and has four children.Naveh is a war criminal and a former commander of the Golani unit of psychopaths. The Golani unit was the first unit involved in Al-Nakba, the wholesale campaign of crimes of murder and terror against Palestinians on a massive scale which continues until today, and which constitutes genocide.

Naveh served for 32 years (1975 -2007) in the IDF in Israel, in the South of Lebanon, in occupied Gaza and in the West Bank. He is responsible for thousands of assassinations in West Bank and in Gaza, and he committed and ordered numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity during his work with the IDF.

Naveh is a former GOC of the central command. He took over from Major-General Moshe Kaplinsky in January 30 2005, and kept the post until May 31 2007.

On Monday, June 4 2007, Naveh retired and was replaced with another war criminal, Brigadier General Gadi Shamni. Naveh is well known as a religious Zionist Jew. He graduated at Aryeh Bina’s Meir Rosh Yeshiva High school in the occupied Jerusalem. The Aryeh Bina Yeshiva is directed by Ilana R. Scheiner, and financed by an American Friend of the Zionists, Netiv Aryeh, and the Israeli government.

Naveh is one of four generals in the IDF who are considered religious extremists and who have excercized their assignements with excessive and criminal cruelty due to their religious convictions. The other three are GOC Manpower General Elazar Stern, the head of the “Human” Resources Directorate of the IDF, Yishai Be’er, president of the military court of appeals, and Avichai Mendelblit, the military advocate general.

From 1989-1991 Yair Naveh was the Commander of the Brigades along the border with Lebanon.

From 1999-2001, Naveh was a commander of Golani brigade in the occupied Gaza. Under his Command Gaza was divided into three parts, barring north-south traffic in the crowded strip where more than one million Palestinians live.

Under Naveh, hundreds of Palestinians were killed and thousands were arrested in Gaza.

During a period of three weeks in 2001, more than 120 Palestinians were killed and over 4800 injured in Gaza during a rampage of IDF troops which was ordered by Naveh.

On May 7 2001, troops under orders of Naveh shelled homes in refugee camp of Khan Yunis, they fired large-caliber machine guns into an area populated by civilians, killing a 4-month-old baby girl and wounding 24 civilians. Doctors said 10 Palestinian children were among the injured. An artillery shell hit the shack of the Hijo family in the refugee camp, instantly killing 4-month-old Iman Hijo, with shrapnel tearing a hole into the infant’s back. The girl’s 19-year-old mother, as well as three brothers and sisters, were wounded, including 18-month-old Mahmoud Hijo, who was in intensive care at Nasser Hospital with shrapnel wounds.

In April 2002, Naveh signed an order authorizing the IDF to raid Jericho city. The troops under his command shelled and destroyed the prison over the head of the prisoners. This order is a crime of war. Among others, Ibrahim Abu Al-Amin, a PA security guard, was killed due to this criminal order of Naveh, and other 18 PA security guards were arrested, and the prisoners, among them Ahmad Sa’adat which Israel suspected him of killing the Israeli Tourism Minster Rahba’am Zaevi

On 3 October 2003, Yair Naveh signed an order to expand four illegal Jewish settlements in the Occupied territories and confiscating thousands of dunums of agricultural from their Palestinian owners. The settlement were Givat Ze’ev in occupied Jerusalem, Oranit in the Palestinian West Bank city Nablus, Betar Illit in the southern part of the West Bank near Bethlehem city at Etzion Bloc, near the Al-Aroub refugee camp, and Maskiyyot in Jordan Vally.

On December 15 2005, Major General Yair Naveh signed a discriminatory and racist order which bars Palestinians with Israeli work permits from entering Israel via the roads which the Jews use to enter the country from the West Bank.

Naveh authorized the Civil Administration to determine which crossings could be used by non-Israelis, and also to determine “the arrangements that will apply at these crossing points”. In addition, his order defined who is an Israeli, using the same language that is now posted on the signs at the various crossings which separate the West Bank cities from the north and the south and turned the Palestinian towns into de-facto concentration camps.

On 19 November 2006, Major General Yair Naveh ordered the establishment of a mechanism for the issuing of permits for transporting Palestinian residents in Israeli registered vehicles throughout the occupied territories. The fascist order established that it is forbidden for Israelis to transport Palestinians in their own cars without having an appropriate permit.

Naveh instituted the widespread use of the roving death squads of the IDF, the “Mistaraveen”, to assassinate “politically underirable” Palestinians. The mistaraveen wear Arab dress and are difficult to recognize as strangers, they assassinate their Palestinian victims in their shops, homes, streets in the middle civilians without warning.

In April 2004, Brigadier General Yair Naveh gave an order to his soldiers to raid the Palestinian towns of Hebron, Jenin, Ramallah, Nablus, and Howarah during the night in order to arrest five banks workers in Ramallah and steal 3 million Shekel from the PA. In Hebron the IDF looted the gold and the money from the Palestinian jewelry shops and the Abdin Exchange company, looted the computers and arrested the owners. In Ramallah they raided Khaled Al-Hawari’s house and looting his computers and all the money in his house. In Nablus they raid the house and the gold shop of Othman Khader Abu Al-Suad, and they looted his gold, his money and his computers. In Jenin, they raid the house and the exchange shop of Ibrahim Nassar and looted his money.

On 23 May 2006, Naveh, signed a criminal order which caused that murder four Palestinians were murdered and 48 were injured during a raid on Ramallah by the IDF soldiers who executed this order.

On 29 June 2006, Naveh signed a criminal order which caused the IDF to raid the Palestinian cities in the West Bank and during which were arrested 64 PA employees, ministers and elected Parliament members from Hamas.

On Thursday 4 January 2007, IDF death squads (“mistaraveen”) under the orders of Naveh entered the al-Makateb building on al-Hisba Street in Ramallah and shot and injured Rabi Hamed, who was able to escape despite the massive IDF presence.
During this attack, 25 military jeeps arrived from three different directions into the city, three military bulldozers were deployed, destroying cars and damaging buildings in the streets surrounding al-Manara square, Apache helicopters fired large-calibre bullets and tear gas from above. Four unarmed Palestinian civilians were killed during this criminal action, among them a child killed by a bullet to the head, and over 30 Palestinian civilians were injured.
The killed civilians were:
Yousef Abd-al-Qader Adour, age of 22
Khalil Mustafa al-Bayrouti, age of 31
Ala Fawwaz Humran, age of 16
Jamal Jamil Jwailes, age of 29

Naveh also signed orders to confiscate, or rather, illegally appropriate, many hectares of Palestinians agricultural land in the West Bank in order to build the Apartheid Wall. Among the so “confiscated” land by Naveh are 24 Hectares from the Palestinian Village of Bardalah near Jericho.

In March 2006, Naveh predicted that King Abdullah would fall and that he would be Jordan’s last king.

On 16 January 2007, the IDF invaded the Palestinians cities in the West Bank, destroyed the public and private infrastructure and arrested hundreds of innocent civilists. The IDF was looking for Naveh’s car, which had been declared stolen.
After the IDF caused massive damages to public and private property in all of the West Bank and arrested and mistreated hundreds in many Palestinian cities, the car was founded near the house where Naveh himself lived. Yair Naveh had used the car without informing his driver, and the driver did not know where Naveh had parked the car and thought that it had been stolen. The car apparently contained computers and secret documents from Naveh’s office.

It is impossible to list up in brevity all the crimes of humanity, crimes of war and other crimes which constitute genocide which this criminal has perpetrated during his career.

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