Shlomi Cohen

Colonel Shlomi Cohen was the IDF attaché who joined the IAF group in Romania. Cohen is the Golani Brigadier who made his career in Battalion 12, which murdered thousands of Palestinians in the occupied territories and thousands of the Lebanese during the Second Lebanon War in 2006 , in which Cohen himself led bombing operations with uncounted cluster bombs into densely populated areas with civilian housings in Lebanon. Cohen also bombed Jenin and Qalqilya in 2002, and Gaza in 2009. All his victims were civilians. (Click on pictures to see them bigger).

Cohen did all of his military service as a war criminal, a psychopath commander in the Golani brigade. His parents were members of the “Palmach” zionists terrorist death squad. They immigrated to Palestine before 1948 and settled on agricultural lands high on mountains. During the Palestinian Nakba, they participated in massacres and razed many of Palestinian towns and villages up to the ground. His father led the terrorist Air Force commando operation during the “Operation Entebbe” in Uganda in July 4 1976.

Cohen was also the commander of the reserve Alexandroni Brigade which fought in the second Lebanon War and in the Gaza massacre (Operation Cast Lead). According to Maariv (Hebrew edition), Cohen gave a speech before hundreds of Alexandroni reservists. Some quotes of his speech are: “We came here (Lebanon) to kill as many Arabs as we can”, “You are going to war and you should shoot and kill. This is not training or a reserve security routine, our task is to kill”.

Cohen, who ordered his soldiers to kill Arabs in Lebanon, forgot to give them water for drinking and food for eating, an omission typical for a psychopath. As a consequence, his soldiers starved and stole food from the Lebanese houses whose inhabitants has fled or been murdered. Other soldier collapsed of thirst and hunger. After the war ended, the soldiers conflicted with him.

Yair Levy, a reserve soldier, told Cohen: ”I left my house, my job, my three kids, and after two weeks in Lebanon, you say I have chutzpah because I asked for equipment and food’. ‘If that was the attitude and those are your answers, next time we won’t come”.

In 2002 Cohen commanded the “Elyakim” (a group and training military facility in the north commanded by three terrorists and war criminals: Lt. Col. Shlomi Cohen, Golani Brigade commander Avi Peled and Col. Ofek Buchris). The Elyakim group committed war crimes in Jenin and in the northern Palestinian towns and cities in the occupied territories during the so-called “Defensive Shield” operation, in which Cohen and his soldiers perpetrated random executions of Palestinian civilians in Jenin, Qalqilya, Nablus and the Salfit refugee camp; they arrested thousands and murdered hundreds of people. Colonel Buchris was one of three war criminals from the “Elyakim” group who was injured lightly in Nablus during their terror operations and then he was awarded a medal for his crimes.

Col. Cohen and Commander Avi Peled also led war crime operations during the so called “Operation Cast Lead” in 2009 in Gaza. Both were injured by friendly fire from an Israeli tank during shelling and bombing of populated areas in Gaza. Before that, Cohen led several death squad operations into the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank.

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