Colonel Baruch Nagar

Colonel Baruch Nagar is an extremist member of the right wing party of Likud, Nagar entertains notions of Jewish racial superiority. He lives in Petah Tikva, north-east of Tel Aviv. Nagar speaks Arabic fluently. One of his sons is an archeologist and helps furthering the genocide against Palestinians through his work with the “Civil Administration” in the West Bank, where he falsifies the history of the geographic area in order to fit the political wants and needs of the occupation.

Baruch Nagar was the military governor of the Palestinian city Ramallah from 1991 to 1995. During his time as a governor there he brutally beat four Palestinians; he was “convicted” in one of these cases. After Ramallah, Colonel Nagar was appointed to the post of military governor of Hebron in July 1995. He replaced Colonel Shalom Goldstein in this position.

Baruch Nagar ca. 1995During his stay in Hebron, Baruch kept his relationship with me on polite, almost friendly terms. This was because of his fear that I would expose his crimes in the press. His attitude was that of a coward, scared of anyone who would dare to speak out about his crimes. He obviously knew that what he did was wrong and criminal, but he did it nonetheless, taking special care in not awakening “unnecessary resistance”.

During his time as a governor of Hebron, Nagar imposed extended curfews on the Palestinians of the city. Under the curfews which he imposed, many children died at the checkpoints because the soldiers under his command had orders to not let people in need of medical assistance pass.

Fuad Halhal, an officer under the command of Nagar, took part in the massacre of Jenin in March of 2002.

The activity of Baruch Nagar during and after his military assignments constitute clear and direct breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 12.August 1949 and other statutes of international law. As such he is liable to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and genocide.

Some cases which illustrate Nagar’s criminal activities follow:

  • In April 1998, Fadwa Al Adam, a Palestinian woman from Beit Aula, lost her baby at the Israeli checkpoint north of Hebron.
  • On 25 August 1998, Hanan Al-Hadad who lived near the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba lost her child as a result of the curfew. The IDF soldiers under the command of Nagar did not allow Al-Hadad to go to the hospital to deliver her child. She was also not allowed to bury her child at the Muslim cemetery. Mrs. Al-Hadad buried her child in front of her house. After this incident was published, Colonel Nagar and his assistant, Colonel Amnon Cohen, offered Mrs. Abu Hadad’s husband a permit to work in Israel as a “compensation” for the death of their child.
  • 1997: Mrs. Jameleh Al-Sarahneh lost her child at Bani Neam checkpoint after she denied was denied passage to go and deliver the child at the hospital.
  • 1997: Mrs. Fayzeh Al-Nawaja lost her child at Yatta checkpoint.
  • 1997: The old woman Um Mahmoud Ayesh from Al-Fawwar refugee camp died at the Israeli checkpoint before the camp after she was not allowed by the soldiers under command of Baruch Nagar to go to the hospital in Hebron.
  • Baruch Nagar introduced this method of genocide to the occupation, namely denying people access to health services.
  • Colonel Nagar issued hundreds of demolition orders for Palestinian houses. The names of some of the victims are Subhi Al-Karaki, Ahmad Al-Rajabi, Azmi Ata Al-Salaimeh, Muhammad Mustafa Jaber, Omar Arif Al-Rajab … and there are many more in articles in Arabic which I have written in the past.
  • Colonel Baruch Nagar himself headed the destruction of hundreds of artesian wells belonging to Palestinians in Hebron and surrounding.
  • He denied the Palestinian families who live in Al-Baka, near the Kiryat Arba settlement, permission to renew any kind of construction
  • Under his responsibility sick people were not allowed to travel for medical treatment in Jerusalem. (see the Arabic article).

Under his responsibility the Palestinians suffered shortage of water.

Baruch Nagar was against the presence of the TIPH, the Temporary International Presence in Hebron. Nagar said in a press statement, that the TIPH are not useful in Hebron: “It is clear from their mandate that they are in the city to serve the Palestinians. My task was to limit the damage they cause . . . There was no chance that they would prove useful to us.” In practice, according to Nagar, the TIPH served as “a factor that greatly interfered. Their activities very much limited the IDF and the Jewish residents.” Translated, his double-speak means that Nagar viewed the TIPH, despite their nonexistent role as mediators, as a hindrance to ethnic cleansing and other measures of genocide against the Palestinian population.
Baruch Nagar served in Hebron until 31 January 1999. In February 1999, Nagar’s assistant Colonel Amnon Cohen replaced him as a governor of Hebron.

Since June 2001, Baruch Nagar heads the Division of Water and Sewage of the Israeli Water Commission in the occupied territories and Gaza. This means that Baruch Nagar is effectively in charge of stealing the Palestinian water, which is

The Israeli Water Commission and the military administration of the territories dug 500 wells along the Green Line separating the West Bank from Israel and along the Gaza-Israel northern borders. The wells are operated 18 hours daily drawing enormous amount of water from the Western and North-Eastern aquifers. The water is transferred to Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and to Israel proper. Baruch Nagar and the Israeli authorities have wrecked existing Palestinian networks in the cities of Bethlehem and Hebron and diverted most of the water allocated to these cities to Israeli settlements in the area. As one example of the genocidist policies implemented by Nagar, the illegal settlement in Hebron, where an estimated 500-600 persons live, receive more water than the rest of the 140.000 Palestinians inhabitants of the city of Hebron. Also under the responsibility of Nagar, the illegal settlement of Ma’on often cuts off the water of the town of Yatta near Hebron, with a population of about 20.000, in order to fill their swimming pool, or “just for fun”. ِ

Under Nagar’s responsibility, Israel is in control of 81% of all water resources in the West Bank, while the Palestinians suffered continued shortages of water. This theft has left Palestinian farmers unable to do farming, and Palestinian cities and villages under continued shortages of water.

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