Avichai Mandelblit

War criminal Brigadier-General Avichai Mandelblit.

War criminal Brigadier-General Avichai Mandelblit.

Brigadier-General Avichai Mandelblit (another possible spelling is Mendelblit).

Avishai Mandelblit, born in 1962, is a war criminal, Golani psychopath officer and the IDF Judge Advocate General.

Brig. Gen. Mendelblit had legitimized and justified the blockade on the Gaza Strip, the military commando’s criminal actions taken to prevent the “Mavi Marmara” Turkish ship from reaching Gaza. He thinks that the naval blockade, imposed by Israel on a million and a half Palestinians in Gaza since in 2006 was in keeping with international law due to “pure military considerations” and not as a part of “economic warfare” against Hamas. Mendelblit also justified the IDF war crimes in Gaza dropping tons of explosives and phosphors in the middle of populated areas during the so-called “operation Cast lead”.

In December 2007 Mandelblit justified the IDF’s use of cluster bombs during the Second Lebanon War in Lebanon and the murdering hundreds of innocent civilians. He said that using that “using the cluster bombs complied with international humanitarian law”.

Mandelblit is a terrorist, a religious and Zionist extremist member of a fundamentalist Yeshiva. Since childhood he was a student of the Zionist Rabbi Baruch HaLevi Ashlag, also known as the RABASH, who was died in 1991.

1991 Mandelblit was a “judge” of the Israeli war criminals at the military court in the Gaza Strip. He covered the IDF crimes against humanity which were committed by the IDF soldiers there.

In 1997 he was appointed as a vice president of the military court under Gen. Uzi Dayan, a former occupation central commander in the occupied West Bank Ban. His duties were to cover up and to justify the IDF crimes against humanity. In 2000 he was appointed chief military attorney. This means that he approved the list of murders and incarcerations of all the Palestinian political activists during that time, and he also approved all the IDF war crimes, plans of looting and transferring the Palestinian property to the IDF and the settlers.

According to the personal opinion of Mandelblit which was published by Amos Harel at Haaretz newspaper,the militaries of many other countries are complicit to genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity which the IDF has committed against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza, and, during the Lebanon second war in 2006 by using forbidden weapons (cluster bombs, phosphor and other chemicals).

Mandelblit stated: “I would say that most western militaries understand us. We are in touch with them, even the commanders and attorneys. NATO, U.S. Army, Canadian Army, they understand us. There is criticism from NGOs, but rather the most professional bodies, such as the International Red Cross, do not bring accusations against us. I do not think that other organizations argue that there is a deliberate decision to Israeli war crimes. There are arguments against what they see, “too little fingers on the trigger”. Ultimately, I do not see so many exceptions. The opinion of Mandelblit is based on several meetings which were held with lawyers and colleagues commanders, also war criminals, in the western countries.

Mandelblit is married and has of 4 children.

Mandelblit is a former head of the IDF service, he is a member of the General Staff.

Mandelblit was appointed as the Military Advocate General of the IDF in 2004. Here is a summary of his previous career:

  • 1985-1988 Military Prosecutor; prosecutor for the ground forces command southern division
  • 1988-1990 Defense Attorney of the southern command/ ground forces command
  • 1990-1991 District Defense Attorney
  • 1991-1992 Judge of a military court in the Gaza region
  • 1993-1996 Senior assistant to the chief military prosecutor
  • 1996-1997 Deputy Chief Military Prosecutor
  • 1997-2000 Deputy to the head of the military courts of the ground forces southern command
  • 2000-2003 Chief Military Defense Attorney
  • 2003-2004 Deputy Military Advocate General

Mandelblit has used his positions to legitimize war crimes, crimes against Humanity, and crimes comprising genocide perpetrated by IDF and Israeli civilians against the Palestinians civilian population.

Some of the crimes which he helped legitimize or cover during his career are:

– The murder in cold blood of six Palestinian civilians by the IDF on 19 – 22 September, 2002:

  • Abed Al-Salaam Samran, aged 10, from Ramallah
  • Heitam Said Natat, aged 17, from Gaza
  • Abed-Allah Al Galabi, aged 14, from Gaza
  • Bahaa Said Nagi El Bahash, aged 14, from Nablus
  • Ahmed Mahmoud Lubada, aged 36, from Gaza
  • Amira Adhadar, aged 25, from Gaza.

Mandelblit claimed that these there had been exchanges of fire between IDF forces and Palestinians when these persons died, and that there was no proof that these Palestinians were murdered by the IDF.

On November 8, 2006, an IDF shell hit two buildings in the town of Beit Hanoun, killing 21 Palestinian civilians and injuring additional hundreds. As a result of this crime, the former Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz was appointed to lead a committee to investigate the circumstances of the incident.

In this case, Mandelblit decided that no legal action would be taken against any military official regarding this incident, and that the behavior of the IDF personnel involved in the incident was not substantially or severely negligent in a manner that would justify taking legal actions against them. He claimed that “there was no need to open a Military Police investigation into the matter”.

On 26 February 2006, Mandelblit advised Brigadier-General Aviv Kochavi, the commander of the Gaza Division of the IDF, to cancel his studies and stay in England, fearing he would be arrested and tried for alleged war crimes in the Palestinian territories.
Kochavi served as commander of the Paratroops in Gaza and took part during the “Operation Defense Shield” against defenseless civilians in Gaza in 2002, during which over 125 Palestinians were killed, hundreds were gravely injured, and during which the IDF destroyed massive amounts of private and public property in all of Gaza. As such, Kochavi is culpable of crimes of war, crimes against humanity and crimes comprising genocide against the Palestinian people.

That Mandelblit would advise Kochavi in order to help him evade prosecution for his crimes is evidence that Mandelblit is very well aware of the fact that the actions of the IDF are grave crimes.

On December 24th, 2007 Mandelblit declared that the use of cluster bombs in the Second Lebanon War in 2006 was legal and that Israel would not prosecute IDF personnel over the use of cluster bombs in Lebanon. The use of cluster bombs is almost universally considered as a crime of war, and certainly so in international treaties of which Israel is signatory. The IDF used three main types of cluster munitions in that war: those dropped through air force bombs; and other cluster bombs fired through artillery and and in rockets fired from Multiple Launch Rocket Systems. Cluster bombs were used to target fields near populated areas.

The UN says that about four million cluster bomb-lets were dropped on Lebanon during the 34-day conflict. Many of them failed to explode on impact, posing a danger to civilians in their homes, gardens and fields. More than 30 people have been reported killed by cluster bombs and land mines dropped by the IDF since the 2006 war.

On November 8, 2007, Mandelblit issued a statement justifiying the interruption of the power supply to Gaza, which left one million and half without electricity, gas, and consequentially without the basic needs for the daily life, such as water services.

In December 2007 Mandelblit justified the IDF’s use of cluster bombs during the Second Lebanon War in Lebanon and the murdering hundreds of innocent civilians. He said that using that “using the cluster bombs complied with international humanitarian law”.

In March of 2008, Mandelblit together with Attorney General Menachem Mazuz legitimized the call to perpetrate genocide against the population of Gaza by Matan Vilnai and Ehud Barak.

Also during March of 2008, the IDF perpetrated massive crimes against the population of the Gaza Strip. During this month The Air Force repeatedly attacked the civilian population of Gaza. Hundreds were killed or injured. Among them were seven women and 39 killed children, 89 injured children, and 315 gravely injured.Some of the victims of the IDF in March 2008 are:

  • Amirah Abu Aser, killed, age 19 days.
  • Muhammad Al-Buri, killed, age six months.
  • Anas Al-Mana’a, killed, age 12 years.
  • Bilal Hijazi, killed, age 15 years.
  • Muhammad Khalil Hamad, killed, age 12 years.
  • Malak Yunis al-Kafarneh, killed, age 3 years.
  • Fatimah Al-Qirawi, killed, age 72 years.

Currently, as of March 2008, Mandelblit stands accused of complicity and connivance with others in the genocide against the Palestinian people.

In September 2009 Mandelblit was promoted to major general.

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