Jewish, Zionist Groups to Cancel a Conference on Israel and International Law

Pressure is being exerted on the University of Southampton to cancel or ‘reconstruct’ a conference on Israel and international law scheduled for 17-19 April. Groups such as the Board of Deputies of British Jews and UK Zionist Federation have urged the university to cancel the event, and there has also been an intervention from Communities […]

Zionist Troll Issues Fatwa in Favour of Israeli War Criminals

The Email below was sent to me on Dec. 31 2014. by a zionist troll organization calling itself “FOUNDATION FOR KORANIC ZIONISM” , an organization which is paid billions of dollars by the israeli intelligence and its organizations around the world to harass and intimidate Palestinians and anybody who tries to expose the israeli war […]

Jerusalem Between Zionists Theft and PLO Ignorance

There is a big difference between what zionist israel did to capture the occupied Jerusalem in 1967 and what the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), reborn as the “National Authority”, did to Jerusalem, the Palestinian people and our legitimate national rights.

At a time when israel is making efforts to move the US, EU and […]

The Austrian System Media and Zionist Propaganda

The Austrian State TV, ORF, has limited its role in this affair to repeating the press statements of Israeli occupation about their supposed “self-defense against Hamas terrorism”, and offering the israeli ambassador lavish prime-time slots in the company of a friendly lady who looks like she is in need of a big cup of coffee, […]

Flotilla Resolution Breaks Zionist Propaganda

Signs held up during Protests in Vienna

Below follows the resolution adopted unanimously by the municipal council of Vienna. It bears the signatures of all political parties, and this has caused the anger of the zionist colony in Vienna. In fact, the days since this resolution was adopted have seen paroxysms of […]

End the Ongoing Palestinian Nakba

Statement of 15 May 2010 by BADIL – Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights Bethlehem, Palestine
The Nakba is Not Just an Event to Remember. The Nakba is Ongoing, and the Time has come for it to end.

What is needed on the 62nd Anniversary of the 1948 Nakba?

Achieve national unity, Strengthen BDS campaign.
Activate […]

Memories of an Anti-Zionist Jew

I received the text which follows from Ms. Hanna Braun, who is now 82 years old. She was born to a jewish family from Germany, a family which emigrated to Palestine in 1937 due to the increasing animosity against jews in  Germany of that time. In her memories which Ms. Braun shares,  she remembers the […]

KISSING the Criminal Zionists

Sharp criticism from the Palestinian political leaders was sent to the negotiators who KISSED the Israeli Zionist negotiators, these war criminal, during the meetings held under the so-called “dialogue and peace negotiations”. Those meetings, which all Palestinian political leaders describe as useless, unsuccessful and absurd, and which lead to further concessions and theft of what […]

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