Patagonia belongs to the Jews?

Yehuda Ben Tzion Lichtenberg writes a long and pathetic rant full of spite. He appears to have become very angry by an article about Patagonia which I wrote some years ago. If what he says is true, then truly the avarice of the zionists knows no limit.

Judge by yourself, and if you don’t believe […]

Ramallah, Center for the Israeli Death Squads?

The continuing criminal activities of the Israeli death squad unit “Al-Mistarvim”, the Israeli murderers who wear Arab clothes, is likely in Ramallah. The city where the official PA headquarters stand, the residency of President Mahmoud Abbas and many other officials. The free movement of this Israeli death squads, the continued murders and the kidnappings of […]

Israeli Death Squad in Islamic Woman Dress in Ramallah

On 20 May 2008, eight Israelis from the death squad unit “Al-Mistarvim”, the Israeli murderers who wear Arab clothes, invaded the Sheikh Zayed Palestinian Hospital in Ramallah and kidnapped the Palestinian security man Arafat Nofal.

The PA security man was on duty guarding the hospital when the Israeli death squads wearing Hijab approached him, […]

The Final Solution for Gaza – Congratulations to Europe and USA !

Israel was established on stolen Palestinian land under the pretext of freeing Jews from death and persecution, and over 60 years later, Israel continues it’s financial and emotional extortion of the world because of the Holocaust, but what Israel does today, every day, is every bit as immoral, unsightly and filthy as the Holocaust, whose […]

The Politics of an Israeli Bag Lady

In the videos below, you will see and hear, from the mouth of one of the illegal Jewish colonists in the West Bank, what amounts to the political views of all these individuals, of most Jews in Israel, and of a strong majority of the Jews worldwide. The old woman who speaks in these videos […]

Palestine and the California Fires

In Europe, the news brought terrible scenes from California last week. Whole neighborhoods were seen burning, highways blocked because of the refugees; I saw how TV journalist commented about his own house burning in the background. The news said that (as of October 24), there were about one million refugees from the burns. At the […]

A Warning to Israel

Blockading one and a half a million Palestinians in the concentration camp which the Gaza Strip has become, declaring these innocent civilians as a “hostile entity” and the Gaza Strip a “hostile territory” is a war crime, a clear measure of genocide and a violation of the International humanitarian laws, the Geneva Convention, […]

I Received a Death Threat from Israel

On Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 11:37:48 AM, I received very special message by E-mail, sent by “Molly Molly” from Israel. “Molly Molly” wrote from the IP Address This Address belongs to a client of one of the big telecommunications companies in Israel, Bezeqint.The message had the title “Shalom from Hebron”. This is the […]

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