Zions Two Minutes of Hatred in Vienna

Today 8 May is the day on which Nazi Germany capitulated to the allied forces in 1945, what put an end to the second world war which cost the lives of 60-70 million Europeans, uncounted casualties and destroyed infrastructure throughout the continent. The memories of that war are still alive among many Europeans, […]

Israeli Terror at Rights Activists House

By Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD – March 2 2010 – The Israeli army invaded our neighborhood at 1:30 AM Tuesday morning waking up my mother, wife and sister.  Heavily-armed soldiers blocked roads during “the operation”. When my family opened the door, they demanded to see me.  They were told I have already left to the US.  […]

Israeli Racist Discrimination in East of Jerusalem

“Israel”  is it’s own worst enemy. Although after the countries gave Israel recognition as a State  but this did not change it’s reality as an institution of Zionism. Institution of war criminals, institution of genocide, institution of war crimes and crimes against humanity. I wish that I could describe Israel as better than that. But […]

Confrontation with Eyal from Ben-Gurion Security

Palestine Think Tank is here.

I received a hateful comment from an Israeli calling himself “Eyal”, which goes far beyond the usual hateful rubbish which these people write. I wonder why “Eyal” from the Systems Security of the Israeli Airport Authority (Ben-Gurion Airport) left a comment on my articles “Names and Photos of the Israeli War […]

Zionists Looking for Collaborators?

It didn’t surprise me that Zionists would send me an Email looking for collaborators. I know that Israel is a Zionist criminal and terrorist organization with all what this means, because of it’s invasion, it’s laws, crimes, behavior, etc … I also strongly believe that Israel is not a State, and that the establishment of […]

Round Table About Gaza With Dr. Finkelstein

“When the Journalism deviates from it’s professionalism and turn into a messenger of lies misleading, attributing truth to ignorance, and when Journalism deviate from it’s ethics, rules and principles, when the journalists are bribed, scared and devolve into note-takers and employees of the Zionists and the governments, when credibility, objectivity and substance is avoided in […]

Dr. Finkelstein and the Rejection of the Vienna University

Universities are the places where the intellectuals, scientists, politicians, professors,  engineers, doctors … of a society are formed, and where free speech and discussion should be allowed, unencumbered by politics, because a University can not function well without the possibility of the free exchange of ideas, and they should never be  permitted to fall under […]

Problems Before Arrival of Dr. Finkelstein to Vienna

On May 27, 2009, Dr. Norman G. Finkelstein, a well known American professor, will give a speech at the University of Vienna, in the old hospital campus, about Gaza. The invitation of Dr. Finkelstein to Vienna is the result of coordination between several Austrian organizations, among them the International Commission of UNESCO Project “Culture of […]

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Bild aus dem Parlament

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