US Court Dismisses Mahmoud Abbas Son Libel Suit

إقرأوا مالا تعرفوه عن فضائح إبن الرئيس منتهي الولاية محمود عباس تهز الإعلام الأمريكي

Legaltimes – A Washington federal judge has dismissed a defamation suit the son of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas brought against the publisher of Foreign Policy magazine.

Yasser Abbas sued Foreign Policy and Jonathan Schanzer, vice president for research at the Foundation for […]

Außenminister zu Friedensgesprächen zwischen Israel und Palästinenser

Wien – Außenministerium – “Das ist seit Jahren wieder ein erstes positives Signal aus dem Nahen Osten. Nur am Verhandlungstisch könne jene Lösung gefunden werden, die den gegenwärtigen und zukünftigen israelischen und palästinensischen Generationen ein Leben in Frieden und Wohlstand gewährleisten.

Die politischen Vertreter, die sich in Washington um solch eine Lösung bemühen werden, tragen eine hohe, […]

US Sticks its Nose Into Egyptian Constitution Process

أنوف أمريكية تحشر نفسها في الشأن الداخلي المصري

Has the USA ever allowed the Egyptian ambassador to Washington to inspect the halls where referendum on the US Constitution take place, or to inspect the halls where the historical elections in USA have taken place, or even allowed the Egyptian Ambassador to inspect the US elections for […]

Bloodsuckers Posing As A State

ناس بتمص دم الشعب باسم الاسلام وناس بتمص دم الشعب باسم دولة مؤسسات

I recently received an Email from a Palestinian from Ramallah. I quote some of the sentences in his short Email:

“People, meaning the Palestinian Authority, suck the blood of people under the name of being State institutions and other people, meaning Hamas, suck the […]

A Palestinian Rent-Boy Goes to Washington

What more horrors will these people cook for Palestinians? (Pic Credit: Reuters)

On August 25, 2010, President Mahmoud Abbas traveled to Washington to start new rounds of the so-called “peace negotiations” headed by the former negotiator of Oslo, Saeb Erekat. In engaging in these negotiations, Abbas chose to ignore the will of the majority […]

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