Kerry Enters a Basement to Meet with Iranian Minister in Vienna

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry used a basement to enter Palias Coburg Hotel in Vienna to meet with the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and the High Representative of the EU Catherine Ashton, as part of the comprehensive nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Kerry arrived in Vienna coming from Paris, France together with dozens of [...]

Comprehensive Agreement on Iranian Nuclear Program

US Secretary of State John Kerry landed today in Vienna to join another round of talks between Iran and the six powers, mainly the United States, France, Germany, China, Russia and Britain to push for a nuclear deal ahead of a Nov. 24 deadline.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told his people on Monday in broadcast live [...]

IAEA Director-General Calls Women to Join the Agency Positions

The 58th International Atomic Energy Agency, (IAEA) General Conference, which is scheduled to last five days, was opened today Monday Sept. 22 2014, at 10am in the M building of the UNOV.

The opening session was attended by hundreds of high-level government representatives of the IAEA’s member states, international organisations, NGOs and dozens of journalists [...]

Kerry in Vienna to Discus US Spying On Berlin Defence Ministry

إنهاء مهمة الناطق باسم حركة فتح في أوروبا لأنه عار عليها؟؟؟
السلطة الفلسطينية تريد إستثمار صواريخ المقاومة للسير قدما في مفاوضات عبثية
فتح تجري انتخابات لجنة اقليم لها في النمسا

US Secretary of State John Kerry landed in Vienna on Sunday for talks with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier about the late scandal of the US spy on [...]

Eröffnung des 3. Jahresforums der EU-Donauraumstrategie in Wien

الجنائية النمساوية تبرأ د. الحداد وتأكد أن عملاق الجالية المصرية د. موسى نصاب
الفنان العراقي مخلد المختار يحاكي النمساويين بفنون المحبة والسلام والحياة الإنسانية

Wien – 26 Juni 2014 – OTS – Bei der Eröffnung des am 26. und 27. Juni 2014 stattfindenden 3. Jahresforums der EU-Donauraumstrategie hieß Bürgermeister Michael Häupl als Gastgeber gemeinsam mit Außenminister [...]

Picture of Today

The above is a picture that was captured of a tourists bus stopped on the zebra crossing at the Ring Street (Ringstraße) in front of the Marriott hotel in Vienna. The Bus driver asked the people waiting for crossing, to take a picture of the scene. The image was sent to the spokesman of the [...]

The Fundamentalists Do Not Represent Muslims and Islam

Dr. Herbert Stepic, Honorary President of the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) and Chairman of the Board of Management of Raiffeisen Bank International AG, one of the leading banking groups in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Austria’s second-largest lender, said on Thursday May 22 2014 that the fundamentalists who exist in Arab countries do [...]

25 Years of Relations Between Arab Countries and Austria

On last Thursday, 22nd May 2014, the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) celebrated its 25th Anniversary holding the 7th Arab-Austrian Economic Forum and Exhibition at the Vienna City Hall.

The fruitful economic cooperation could be described as a European-Arab revolution in field of economic relations and was held under the Patronage of H.E. Dr. Heinz [...]

Austrian Flag
Bild aus dem Parlament

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