Is israel real state or is it a terrorist state? - An assessment.

On the occasion of the signing of the Shame Agreement at the White House today, September 15, 2020, between the United Arab Emirates and Israel under the auspices of their American friend, the president with frown hairs on the right and left Mr. Donald Trump and his son-in-law, a former member of the Kach movement […]

Iran considering plot to assassinate US ambassador to South Africa is Bullshit

Israel continues to spread lies, in direct coordination with its American ally, with the aim of creating confusion and further international conflict. Israel does not know calm and it is recruiting public opinion through the Zionist lobby and the various intelligence arms that work in both the countries of the West and the East to […]

On its 27th anniversary: Defeat Oslo, confront normalization, escalate the boycott

On the 27th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Principles – the Oslo Accords – in Washington, D.C., Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network emphasizes that the fight to bring a decisive end to the path of Oslo is perhaps more critical than ever. The agreement signed on the White House lawn and the […]

How dirty is the American-West-Israeli-Palestinian political game!

All indications have been confirmed that what is happening in the international arena of political decisions related to the final status in Palestine is carried out with the full knowledge of the Palestinian Authority, including the process of representing the rejection of the international decisions by the Palestinian Authority in front of the Palestinian people […]

Contradictions in U.S. foreign policy

Recently, on 14th August of 2020, US foreign minister Pompeo visited Vienna. This caused me to think. The U.S. is, like all bullies, full of contradictions and blind spots. They regard themselves as owners of God’s grace more than other countries, as the most righteous among all countries, as the greatest of all country, the […]

Request for a Lawyer in USA for Catching a Thief

This is a solicitation for legal assistance, to help me present a case against Eldon A. Mainyu (ED), US author who published a book about me without my permission. And since I do not know anything anything about the publishing laws in the United States, I ask my readers, friends and legal institutions to help […]

EU Is Side By Side With USA at IAEA.

In order to please the USA, European Union Statement on the occasion of the 61st General Conference of the IAEA delivered by Mr Meelis Münt, Vice Minister at Ministry of the Environment ESTONIA concentrated on condemn the DPRK’s latest nuclear test and it’s all nuclear weapons and ballistic missile activities. (Estonia-statement PDF).

Mr Münt said: “The […]

Military Spending Increased in the US and EU decreased in oil-exporting countries

Total world military expenditure rose to $1686 billion in 2016, an increase of 0.4 per cent in real terms from 2015, according to new figures from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Military spending in North America saw its first annual increase since 2010, while spending in Western Europe grew for the second consecutive […]

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