On Workers' Day We Ring The Bell In The EU

 في اليوم العالمي للعمال نقرع الجرس – نظرة على مكاتب العمل ومراكز الشؤون الاجتماعية هي شهادة كافية للمشاكل المتزايدة جراء البطالة في النمسا وأوروبا ، والأهم من ذلك، النتائج السلبية لهذه المشكلة التي أدت إلى تفكك المجتمع. فقد تحولت الشوارع والحدائق العامة إلى أماكن تجمع العاطلين عن العمل والمتسولين و”المهاجرين”. ولم يعد بمقدور […]

EU Ignores Internal Problems and Donates Millions to the PA

Pic. Credit: Issam Rimawi

Palestinians stressed that PA elements have spent millions on their trips and the travel abroad. President Abbas and his staff reportedly spend over 10 million dollar monthly only for travelling. The PA elements that hold the so-called VIP passports are always travelling with their beautiful secretaries and an army of […]

The Combat Against Unemployment Must Take Priority in Europe

21.08.2013 – Austrian Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann and Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta said Wednesday during a press conference held at the federal chancellery in Vienna that the fight against unemployment must take priority in Europe. The unemployment rate in the EU was climbed in May 2013 and reached 11% since the start […]

EU Gifts Dictatorship With Tax-money While Europeans Face Bankruptcy

The European Union continues bestow tax money to the corrupt dictatorship that steals funds which are intended for the poor people. The EU completely ignores the increasing internal problems being faced by a number of EU countries. Among these problems are the never-ending banking and financial crisis next to the increases in unemployment and poverty […]

Palestinians Call President Abbas to Resign

مطالبة رئيس السلطة الفلسطينية وحكومته في الإستقالة

Sunday 9 Sep. 2012 – Thousands of Palestinians demonstrators called President Abbas and his government to resign during protests against the frustrating situation of the rising living costs, the continued high levels of unemployment, poverty, hunger, high taxes, the consequences of the “Paris Protocol” which was signed […]

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Advertising? Werbung? Click on the picture below. Klicken Sie auf das Bild unten. kawther [dot] salam [at] gmail [dot] com

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