Corruption and the Mistresses of President Arafat

رشيدة مهران انتقلت لرحمته تعالى وهي ما زالت تتلقى راتب مستشار ثقافي …؟؟؟
الفلول يتوحدون في الثورة المضادة من أجل العودة لحكم جمهورية مصر العربية؟؟؟

Arafat’s ex-Girlfriend Receives Salary Even After Death

Dr. Rashida Mahran Issa Awad was born on November 5 1935 in Beni Suef (Egypt) and died was buried last November 2 2012 in Alexandria, [...]

A Cowardly Act Against My Mother Helped Discover A Crime

Short cut of MTIT homepage.

كم بلغت تكاليف إقامة عريقات وعشرواي وشعث في العاصمة النمساوية فينا
قيادات فتحاوية تتساءل: لماذا تجاهل د. شعث أوضاع الحركة الفتحاوية المترهلة في النمسا
ترتيبات تسبق مفاوضات سرية بين إسرائيل والسلطة الفلسطينية في العاصمة النمساوية
السلطة الفلسطينية تحجب إتصالاتي مع الداخل الفلسطيني وأمي تعتقد أنني ميتة

For some time, months, I did not receive [...]

US- Israel Interests Parasitizing The Arab Revolutions

Since the Egyptian and the Tunisian revolutions have achieved their “victory”, the United States ceaselessly send their military and civilians representatives, among them Hillary Clinton (yemach shmo), the owner of garish dresses in yellow, red, and orange, to those countries. Additionally there are reported official telephone calls from Barak Obama his advisors and [...]

Hillary Faced Black Flags, Anti-US Chants in Tunisia

Black flags, demos and “go away” chants was what the US foreign minister faced on Thursday March 17 2011 during her visit to Tunisia. The International media did not pick up and reveal the news about Hillary’s visit and how the Tunisian journalist shouted at the minister’s security and forced them to retreat from their [...]

Mossad, The Biggest Loser In Tunisia

“Leave Tunis, leave, to the israeli gang!”, the Tunisian demonstrators chant angrily, demanding the departure of the Tunisian ruling party from the transitional government.
The Israeli media reported after the fall of the Tunisian regime about the fears that Israel could be cut off from its “confidential relationships” with the Tunisian rulers in the wake of [...]

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