First Exhibition Of Iranian And Arab Modern Art In Tehran

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMoCA) and Barjeel Art Foundation will present a joint exhibition of Iranian and and Arab modern art. This historic exhibition will also mark the first time a show of Arab art from the modern period will take place in Iran.

The exhibition will feature works by modern masters drawn from both […]

Framework Agreement With Iran

After 18 months of negotiating, Iran has come to a preliminary agreement with China, Russia, France, UK, US and Germany (P5+1) on Tehran’s nuclear program. But what is Iran giving up to seal the deal and how can it benefit in the long run?
Uranium enrichment – Iran has agreed to only enrich uranium to 3.67%

The […]

Comprehensive Agreement on Iranian Nuclear Program

US Secretary of State John Kerry landed today in Vienna to join another round of talks between Iran and the six powers, mainly the United States, France, Germany, China, Russia and Britain to push for a nuclear deal ahead of a Nov. 24 deadline.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told his people on Monday in broadcast live […]

Mystery Surrounds Nuclear Negotiations in Vienna

الغموض يكتنف مفاوضات النووي الإيراني في فيينا والصحفيون يتعرفون على أكلات المعكرونة على الطريقة النمساوية

Mr. Michael Mann


Update: The first round of nuclear talks in Vienna between Iran and the six world powers came to a close on Thursday morning. The sides agreed to hold a further round of talks in Vienna in March 17-20, […]

Iran: Stopping Nuclear Facilities Is Not On The Table

Under the auspices of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, Iran and six world powers, namely France, Germany, UK, China, Russia and USA began negotiations in Vienna today Tuesday February 18 2014, with the aim of resolving the confrontation over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. The negotiations are based on the Geneva “Joint Plan of Action.”

Under the Geneva […]

Proposal for A New Alawi Dictator in Syria

ماجستر مراد: عباس صام دهرا ونطق كفرا

Mr. Jamal Murad, Mr. Jamal Murad, the representative of the Syrian Coordination in Austria for support of the Syrian revolution, sharply criticized the initiative of the Palestinian “President” Mahmoud Abbas about the replacement of the Assad dictatorship regime, which he presented in Turkey on September 23 2012 before the Syrian opposition. […]

Austrian Flag
Bild aus dem Parlament

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