Blast Hits Tourist Bus in Sinai, Killing 4 and Injuring 29

نقل مصابي طابا للعلاج في مستشفى يوسفتال في مدينة إيلات في إسرائيل

Pic. Credit: AFP

Four people were killed and 29 others were injured on Sunday as an explosion ripped through a bus full of tourists on the Egyptian side of the Taba border.

Egyptian officials identified the casualties as three South Korean tourists and […]

12 Soldiers Killed In Car Bomb Attack in Egypt

ميدان الأوبرا في فيينا يحيي مهرجانا فنيا لدعم السياحة في جمهورية مصر العربية

Sky News – At least 12 Egyptian soldiers have been killed and 24 wounded in a car bomb attack in Sinai, according to Sky sources.

According to reports a suicide bomber rammed an explosive-laden vehicle into one of two busses carrying off-duty soldiers between […]

25 Egyptian Policemen Executed in Sinai - Fingers Point at Israel

تورط أمريكا وإسرائيل في الأحداث الدموية الجارية في مصر

لفت انتباهي أمس واليوم الدعاية الإعلامية التي نشرتها الصحف العالمية المملوكة من اللوبي الصهيوني على لسان دبلوماسي إسرائيلي “رفيع المستوى” ومجهول الأسم مفاده تجميل وجه إسرائيل على حساب جمهورية مصر العربية. ففي وقت تحرص فيه الدولة العبرية على تأجيج الصراع في جمهورية مصر العربية من […]

Israel Airstrike Killed Sinai Militants

CAIRO – AFP – An Egyptian militant group said on Saturday that a strike that killed four of its members in the Sinai peninsula was Israeli. Ansar Beit al-Maqdis said four of its members belonging to Sinai Bedouin tribes had been killed by Israeli drones on Friday. Egypt’s military denied on Friday that there had […]

Egypt Seized Two Tons of Explosives Underway to Sinai Peninsula

تحت رعاية سفير فلسطين في ألمانيا – الجبهة الديمفراطية لتحرير فلسطين تحتفل في إنطلاقتها

Cafe Palestine Freiburg

EL-ARISH – Egypt – AP – Agencies – Kawther Salam – Egyptian security officials say they have seized two tons of explosives headed to the Sinai Peninsula from Cairo. The explosives were seized in the main Suez Canal transport tunnel […]

Egypt Burn, Israel Wants the Sinai, Mubarak Fights Death

Egypt revolution 2011, pic. credit: Abcharlie,

The Egyptian revolution was an earthquake to the israeli zionisit organization, which shows confusion in how to deal with the sudden situation where the majority of the Egyptian nation demands the departure of 82-year-old President Hosni Mubarak, his ruling party and his fascist military regime.

Israel, […]

Mubarak Sends Birthday Congratulations to Murderer Eliezer

The Hebrew occupation Radio revealed yesterday that Egyptian President Husni Mubarak had a telephone conversation with Israeli war criminal Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, Minister of Industry and Trade Minister, in which he congratulated him for his 74 birthday.

Ben-Eliezer was a commander of the Shaked Unit, one of the Israeli military terror units which fought in Sinai against […]

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