The Secret Behind King Abdullah's Visit to Vienna

His Majesty King Abdullah II Jordan arrived last 8 April 2014 to Vienna. A week after Mr. Shimon Peres three-days visit to Austria. His Majesty was accompanied by Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, his representative and personal envoy and chief advisor for religious and cultural affairs, Dr. Fayez Tarawneh, the head of the Royal court in […]

Vier-Augen-Gespräch mit Jordaniens König Abdullah II.

أربع مواضيع تناولها العاهل الآردني مع نظيره النمساوي خلال الزيارة الخاطفة ل فيينا
الملك عبد الله الثاني في زيارة عمل من عمان إلى الفاتيكان – للنمسا – ومن ثم إلى روسيا

08.04.2014 – Thema des Meinungsaustausches in der Präsidentschaftskanzlei: die Lage in Nahost und in Syrien – besonders die dramatische Situation der syrischen Flüchtlinge – sowie die […]

The Holocaust and Iran's Nuclear Negotiations In Vienna

Israel Cries holocaust in Vienna While Still Denying the Palestinian Nakba – The zionist state of israel, which criminalizes commemoration of the Nakba and denies the Palestinian Arab minority’s right to free speech and equality with regard to the historical memory of the Nakba, the Palestinian catastrophe in 1948, is still crying the holocaust in […]

Israel to Pre-empt Iranian Nuclear Talks in Vienna With Incitement

After the February and March meetings on the nuclear talks between Iran and the six world powers, namely France, Germany, UK, China, Russia and USA, and before the coming parties meeting which is supposed to be held again on April 7-9 2014, the head of the israeli occupation, the so-called “state of israel”, Shimon Peres, […]

Bill Clinton: Half a Million from Israel

Update: Statement about honorary non-payment to President Clinton from the organizers of the Life Ball in Vienna added at end of the article.

الغوص في وحل القاعدة خط رجعة بالنسبة للكثيرين في صفوف المعارضة السورية
نصف مليون يتقاضى الرئيس الاميركي الأسبق كلينتون في عيد ميلاد بيرس التسعين

The former U.S. President Bill Clinton, war criminal and smoker of […]

Why Did The President of Bankrupt Greece Visit Israel?

Why did the current president of bankrupt Greece, Dr. Karolos Papoulias, visit Israel with all Greek ministers in his delegation? What “prize” will the bankrupt Greek Republic receive from Israel in return for banning the boat “Audacity of Hope”, the Flotilla 2, from sailing to the beaches of besieged Gaza? Click on the pictures to […]

Austrian Flag
Bild aus dem Parlament

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