President Shoes for $23.500. What Price Has His Luxury Hat?

إذا كان حذاء الرئيس بعشرين ألف يورو, فكم يبلغ ثمن القبعات الفاخرة التي يرتديتها؟؟؟
وفد السلطة الفلسطينية الى مؤتمر الشيخوخة الوزاري هل سيقيم في فندق خمس نجوم؟؟؟

How much did Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas pay for his luxurious black hat, which he wore during his visit to Austria on last October 28, 2011???

This question […]

Shootout at the Prime Minister's Compound In Ramallah

تواصل جرائم قتل النساء في فلسطين

Ramallah – Kawther Salam – The Palestinian “Prime Minister” Dr. Salam Fayyad and the “President” Mahmoud Abbas have both targeted the Palestinian resistance and the opposition to their power in coordination with the Israeli and US intelligence, jailing and torturing dozens of politician figures, university students, doctors and engineers from […]

The Burial of Justice At The Supreme Court

شمس الوزير الرومانية تتألم لمذابح الأرمن ولا تذكر شيئا حول مذابح الفلسطينيين
خمس سنوات والعدالة الفلسطينية تتخبط في متاهات الظلم السياسي
الرجوب في النمسا للمرة الثانية بعد لقاء العار في الأول في شهر أيار الماضي
شهادات يشتبه بانها مزورة إعتمدت في الوزارت الفلسطينية والسعودية ودول الخليج
في سؤال موجه إلى وزارة الشؤون الخارجية ولجنة مكافحة الفساد: سفارتنا الديبلوماسية إلى […]

A Corrupt Palestinian Foreign Minister Receives US Support

وزير الخارجية الفلسطيني المتهم في الفساد يرفض التحقيق معه

The PA “minister for foreign affairs” Dr. Riyad al-Malki, one of big fat cats at the PNA continues refusing to sit in front of the Accountability and Oversight Committee in the Legislative Council Committee, which accuses him of administrative and financial and diplomatic corruption and failure in […]

Drunken IDF Overturned in his Car after Wounding a Palestinian

The Israeli military spokesman claimed that a Palestinian officer working with the Palestinian National Authority (PA) stabbed an Israeli soldier, Ihab Khatib, 28, while he was sitting in a military jeep near the Taffouh junction, located south of the West Bank city of Nablus.

Our sources from the Taffouh junction stated that at around […]

Marcel Khalife Concert – Between Support and Opposition

A wonderful night, a wonderful concert!! Over 600 hundred attendants were happy to hear the Lebanese composer, musician, Oud player and singer Marcel Khalife on the night of 30 June 2009 in the courtyard (Arkadenhof) of the municipality in Vienna. Khalife sang the songs of Mahmoud Darwish, he sang for the passport, the gun and […]

Do Not Waste Your Time in Palestine, Obama

As a Palestinian, I strongly support the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, however, a state with complete power and not under the Israeli occupation and the dictates of the US and foreign countries. As a journalist, I am obliged to carry the moral and ethical values of Journalism. To carry the voice of those […]

Palestinian Police Attacked Demonstrators

Today, January 9, 2009, thousands of demonstrators protested against the Israeli war crimes in Gaza and chanted against the Israeli and Egypt governments. The demonstrators were free to chant what ever they wanted and to raise any flag and slogan they want. Everywhere in the world. We did not hear that the police used violence […]

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