Austrian Rape Victim Returns Home

الحكومة النمساوية تعيد الفتاة المسلمة المغتصبة في دبي إلى ديارها سالمة

An Austrian Muslim woman who was at the centre of a rape case in Dubai since nearly two month, has been returned home with the help of Austria’s foreign ministry after an online campaign on her behalf.

The 29-year-old woman told Dubai authorities that she was […]

Global Campaign to End Violence Against Women Journalists

الجالية المصرية على الخارطة النمساوية في رسالة موجهة إلى وزارة القوى العاملة والهجرة

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) launched a global  campaign to denounce violence against women journalists and alert public authorities on their need to to end impunity for  these crimes. This campaign is a response to the numerous cases of women journalists […]

Israeli Police Officer Rapes Two Palestinian Boys

Defence for Children International Palestine – The boys live in fear with their attacker still on the loose.

Ramallah, 18 May 2013—Defence for Children International Palestine is deeply disturbed by the sexual abuse of two Palestinian children by an armed Israeli assailant dressed in a police uniform late April in the Jordan Valley.

The perpetrator, driving a […]

New Victim of Sexual Abuse Committed under Presidential Protection

نصيحة للرئيس عباس: إذا كان وزيرك مصاب في الشذوذ الجنسي فأحجر عليه أو
وزير فلسطيني يغتصب الفتيات الصغيرات في تل أبيب والرئيس صامت؟؟؟
Palestinian Minister Rapes Child in Tel Aviv?

Mr. Hussein Al-Sheikh is the so-called “Minister of Civil Affairs” of the Palestinian Authority, a senior Fatah member and the man charged with keeping […]

The True Character of Jews shows in Jerusalem

These pictures, copied from a Palestinian newspaper, say everything about the character of Jerusalem under the power of the occupying jews, of what the Israeli jews have become after over 61 years of incessant devotion to crime, after over 61 years of impunity, after over 61 years of silence from the Arab countries and the […]

Flashback: Homo IDF Officer Rapes Teenager, Everybody Tries to Cover Up

In Palestine, under the Israeli occupation and the boundless criminal practices of the IDF, every unimaginable and never heard of horror is possible, while outside, most people never know or even  imagines these things to be possible. In Palestine it is not enough to steal the land, to build colonies for Jewish squatters, an apartheid […]

Speech at the University of Sussex at Brighton, UK

Dear ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure to be with you today and to give a talk on the “Enforcement of International Law in the Occupied Territories”. I want to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Richard Vogler, senior lecturer in law here at Sussex, and to the British and Austrian governments, who provided […]

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