Teaching Racism and Incitement: Which Race is Semitic in Israel?

One of the questions that turns up on a worksheet at an alternative high school in the city of Petah Tikva in central Israel on the subject of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany during the II World War, asked the students: “From your acquaintance with the peoples that live in Israel, which is the Semitic […]

Vote for Racism and Discrimination in Israel

Have the israeli occupation’s war crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity perpetrated in the occupied Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip inflicted damages on the jewish communities around the world after the Netanyahu administration approved contentious legislation designating Israel, the occupied Palestine in 1948, as the home of the jews?

The Netanyahu administration government approved […]

Jewish Militia Should be Listed Under Terrorist Organizations

May 12, 2014 – The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the world powers on monday to label the israeli zionist extremists of the  “Price Tag” and “Hilltop Youth” groups on the list of terrorist organizations.

Dr. Riyad al-Maliki, Minister of Foreign Affairs, sent letters to the United States, Russia, Canada, European Union, Arab League, United […]

Palestinian-Arabs: Wave of Racism in Israel

“We want to live as equal citizens in our country while maintaining our national character, our heritage, our civilization and our memories, including the Nakba, which will remain in our memory and in the memory of our sons, and which no one can erase”, said in a sharp protest and with angry voice the Palestinian-Arab […]

Israel Escalates Racism in Occupied Palestine

Press Release

The Palestine Return Centre (PRC) expressed deep anxiety because of the Israeli practices in occupied Palestinian territories. International laws, UN resolutions, the International court of justice, the 4th Geneva conventions and many other charters are being repeatedly and clearly violated by Israel, what is being met with lamentable silence by the International community as […]

We are Sick of the American-Israeli Interference

I am writing this article after I escaped from the criminal action of Israelis on November 1, 2008, who came to Vienna to watch and to harass me. I wonder if the mission of these criminals to terrorize me in exile was coordinated between the Israelis and the Palestinian “security” team, just like what is […]

A Sincere Offer of Peace to Israel

The following speech was delivered on Sunday, 6 July 2008, in the auditorium of the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, in Madrid, Spain. I was invited to give this speech by the organizers of the conference “Mundo de Mujeres / Womens World 08“, in the parallel conference “Mediterranean Voices II”, […]

Letter to the Attorney General of Israel

It harms my feelings to read or listen the news, or post on my blog, the deplorable daily news from my homeland Hebron. The daily crimes, illegal measures and restrictions which the Israeli military occupation implements against the Palestinians and which are in contradiction of the Geneva Conventions and other International law. The crimes of […]

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