Kazakh Dictator's ex-son-in-law Found Dead in Austrian Jail Cell

Mystery surrounds what happened in Vienna’s Josefstadt prison where the body of Rakhat Aliyev, Kazakh Dictator’s ex-son-in-law, former intelligence chief who was married to the daughter of Kazakh dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev was found in the prison cell last Tuesday.

According to the spokeswoman of the court, Aliyev found dead in the Austrian jail after killing himself on […]

Egypt Brotherhood Members Jailed For Life

أحكام  سياسيىة بالمؤيد تصدرها محكمة عسكرية مصرية في الصياح وتنفضها في المساء ضد مؤيدي الرئيس المخلوع مرسي

A military court in Egypt sentenced one of the supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi to life in prison, three people to 15 years and 45 others to five years, a military statement said.

Earlier, military sources said that 11 Muslim […]

Dozens of Detainees Executed in Egypt

الجيش المصري يعدم بدم بارد 38 معتقلا على الأقل
البرادعي يصل العاصمة النمساوية فيينا

Agencies – At least 38 Muslim Brotherhood supporters killed in disputed circumstances at a prison on Sunday, as the leader of Egypt’s powerful army warned he would not tolerate violence, urging Islamists to change course. There were conflicting reports of how deaths […]

Donkey, Horse and Cat in Israeli Jail

Stories and aberrant practices like these do not happen anywhere in the world but only in Israel, where the mentally ill zionists reign supreme. This latest story is not the imagination of the writer, or told by an ordinary person or by somebody accused of lying or slander, but it was seen and confirmed by […]

Death of Political Prisoners in Palestine

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas movements have trespassed all the limits with their continuous arrests and torture of political activists, and then killing many of them them in their jails. The attitude of these two movements is now similar to what the Israeli occupation has done and is still doing against the Palestinians in occupied […]

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