Israel 67 Years of Occupation!

Israel 67 years! Celebrate Yom Haatzmaout by offering pizzas to the IDF soldiers and sending baskets of gifts to the IDF in Jerusalem

Thursday – April 23 1015 – I received an e-mail from a zionist association based in Paris – EU.  The sender asked for financial donation and gifts to the Israeli war  criminal soldiers.

They […]

Abu Ghraib Produced The Charlie Hebdo Shooter

The Paris massacre committed by elements of the so-called Daash which claimed the lives of 12 colleagues affiliated with leftist movements working at the “Charlie Hebdo” newspaper has obligated journalists to question the French government about its direct or indirect involvement in the massacre through foreign policy that brings France disasters and creates reactions of […]

ISIS is a Goddess From the Polytheistic Pantheon of Egypt

Another opinion sent by an American citizen about the Paris attack, Chelli Stanley wrote: “Don’t believe everything you see. They can make images to replace reality transmit through tv isis is clearly what is called a false flag operation made by western powers to be their straw man enemy.”

Isis is also the name of an […]

Bundespräsident Dr. Fischer verurteilt Terroranschläge in Paris

In seiner Rede anlässlich des Neujahrsempfanges des Diplomatischen Corps am 12. Jänner 2015 in Wiener Hofburg, sagte Bundespräsident Heinz Fischer: “Die Antwort, die Frankreich gestern gegeben hat, war ungemein eindrucksvoll und überzeugend”. Eine klare, feste, gemeinsame Abwehrhaltung gegen den Terror sei unerlässlich, sagte Heinz Fischer in seiner Rede

Exzellenzen, verehrte Anwesende!

Umso mehr haben uns daher in […]

Israel Gains from Paris attack, 5,000 Police To Protect Jews

French Interior Minister Bernard Kazno announced the appointment of 4700 police and army officers to be placed at all 717 Jewish schools in different parts of France in addition to some 4,100 gendarmes already deployed.

France will deploy 10,000 soldiers on home soil by Tuesday and post almost 5,000 extra police officers to protect Jewish sites […]

We Are All Charlie Hebdo

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) in Brussels is moved by all the solidarity messages sent by its affiliates all over the world in order to support the Charlie Hebdo colleagues and to condemn the outraegous attack they suffered yesterday morning in their offices in Paris.

The list in process below is the sincere tribute the […]

Journalists Pays Tribute To Charlie Hebdo Victims

Brussels, Jan. 8 2015 – Over 200 Brussels-based journalists and supporters gathered together at the International Press Centre at 11.00am today to pay tribute to victims of the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris.

“Today, we are all Charlie in our thoughts but, as journalists, we very much share the reason for which they were targeted. Those […]

Bundespräsident verurteilt Terroranschlag in Paris -auf das Schärfste-

“Unsere Anteilnahme gilt den Angehörigen der Opfer”: Heinz Fischer kondoliert Präsident Francois Hollande nach dem Anschlag auf das Magazin “Charlie Habdo” und verurteilt den “Angriff auf die Meinungs- und Pressefreiheit”

Der Bundespräsident zeigte sich in einem Kondolenzschreiben an Präsident Francois Hollande zutiefst schockiert über den abscheulichen Terroranschlag auf die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter des Magazins “Charlie Hebdo” […]

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