Stench of Israeli Crimes Engulfs Debate of Journalists

سوريا النازفة دما تنتفض اليوم إلى جانب الفلسطينيين ضد الإحتلال الصهيوني

Palestine Slaughtered, Palestinian Embassy Sings and Dances
رسالة تطالب سفير فلسطين في برلين إلغاء إحتفالية 20 نوفمبر 2012 – في ظل مذابح اطفال فلسطين في غزة واحتراما لدماء الشهداء

The recent israeli murder of three Palestinian journalists and the bombing of two buildings in Gaza […]

Israel Has Journalists in its Sights as Gaza Strikes Kill Three

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today accused the Israeli Defence Forces of waging war on journalists in Gaza. The Federation was reacting to yesterday’s strikes which killed three journalists who were traveling in their cars, with press signs, in two separates incidents in Gaza city.

“This latest deadly attack targeting journalists is clear evidence that […]

Call for Protection of the Journalists on the Freedom Flotilla

The Palestinian Journalist Syndicate PJS and the International Federation of Journalists IFJ call for to the protection of the journalists participating on the Freedom Flotilla of the humanitarian aid-carrying ships, which were stormed and stopped by the Israeli war criminals. The Israelis have threatened to confiscate the films with which the Journalists documented the Israeli […]

Israel Lost the Journalist Elections in Cadiz

Israel lost, and Palestine and Iraq won the elections of the Executive Committee (advisors) of the International Federation of Journalists, which took place on Friday 28 May 2010 at the end of the World Congress of the IFJ, “Journalism in Touch with the Future” held in Cadiz, Spain.

The failure of Israel came as a […]

Female Journalists Discriminated in Palestine

Below is  a protest letter against the discrimination of the Women Journalists in the elections of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS) held on Feb. 6 2010 in Ramallah under the Intervention of Tawfiq Al-Tirawi, the former Chief of the Palestinian intelligence in the PA. The letter was signed by the Editors […]

NGO Network Call for Postponing the PJS Elections

Feb. 4 2010 – A court belonging to the illegal Hamas government decided today, Thursday, Feb. 3 2010, to suspend the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS) elections which were slated for Friday Feb. 5 2010. The Court claimed that the postponement is due lawsuits which were filed against the PJS. According to legal sources in Gaza […]

Solidarity Statement from the INJC Women in Barcelona

I received this solidarity statement from the International network of journalist and communicator women in Barcelona after the harassment by Israelis I was subject to until yesterday 24 Nov. 2008. Another statement of solidarity I received from the journalist and professor of Journalism at the UPV from Vizcaya in Spain, The original copies […]

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