Torture And Brutal Aggression At PA Jails

حركة “فتح” بين اللكمات والتجميدات والفصل .. وبين غياب الحياة
تعذيب وحشي وعنف في سجون السلطة الفلسطينية
برلين تهب لنجدة مخيم اليرموك
أخبار اليوم من هنا وهناك

A report about the aggressions of the PA’s security agencies – AOHR UK – At the time when Palestinians are living disastrous circumstances caused by the aggressions of the Israeli occupation which [...]

EU Ignores Internal Problems and Donates Millions to the PA

Pic. Credit: Issam Rimawi

Palestinians stressed that PA elements have spent millions on their trips and the travel abroad. President Abbas and his staff reportedly spend over 10 million dollar monthly only for travelling. The PA elements that hold the so-called VIP passports are always travelling with their beautiful secretaries and an army of body-guards, [...]

French Diplomat Arrested fur Smuggling Gold Into Israeli

More than 150kg of gold, mainly in solid bars, were found in the diplomatic vehicle.

The Israeli Hebrew newspapers reported today Sunday Sep. 8 2013 that the Israeli police had arrested an employee of the French consulate in Jerusalem for smuggling gold, tobacco, bank cheques and cell phones while trying to cross through the Jordanian [...]

USD1.1 Billion to PA For Negotiating With Zionists

دعوى قضائية تهز مقولة “نزاهة” القضاء المصري وطعن في قرار تشكيل لجنة الدستور

Washington – September 3 2013 – The World Bank transferred today an amount of about US$72.2 million to the Palestinian Authority from the Palestinian Reform and Development Plan Trust Fund (PRDP-MDTF), a multi-donor budget support to encourage the continued prostitution of Palestinian [...]

Why Israel Assassinated Three Palestinians Near Ramallah

فرقة موت صهيونية تقتل ثلاثة فلسطينيين بالتنسيق مع السلطة الفلسطينية
سلطة عباس تبحث عن راشقي الحجارة إتجاه فرقة الموت وتعتقل عددا منهم

Israeli death squads of the so-called border police operating under cover, reportedly dressing in women clothes, killed three Palestinians in the Qalandia Refugee camp near Ramallah and left another 19 persons injured in an operation [...]

Palestinian Authority Figure Rapes 12 y/o Daughter in Israel

نشرت الصحف الإسرائيلية اليوم  خبرا في اللغة العبرية والإنجليزية مفاده أن الشرطة قد القت القبض في تل أبيب على مسؤول في السلطة الفلسطينية التي يديرها الرئيس محمود عباس, قام في الإعتداء الجنسي على طفلته اليهودية البالغة من العمر 12 واغتصابها. وأضافت الصحف بان الأعتداء وقع على الطفلة عندما قام والدها مسؤول السلطة بدخول [...]

Calls Upon the PA to Respect Citizens Rights

On Sunday 28 July a demonstration initiated by the Popular Front for the Liberationof Palestine (PFLP) took place in Ramallah against the decision by President Mahmoud Abbas to return to negotiations with Israel. The protestors planned to march from the Ramallah Christian Orthodox Club to the Mukataa, where they intended to express their discontent with [...]

34.3 Euro Million From EU Taxpayers For The Palestinian Authority

إعلام مصري كاذب يتخذ من الفلسطينيين جسرا للعبور فوق شلال دماء مجزرة السيسي
كيري رايح رايح … كيري جاي … كيري محمل سكر وشاي
الدكتور أحمد محيسن يكتب حول الديمقراطية والإنقلاب العسكري في مصر

Monthly the European Union continues pumping millions into the treasury of the Palestinian Authority and its institutions so that the thieves can [...]

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