EU Deplores Israel's Continuous Settlement Expansion

Statement by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton on the Israeli settlement announcement (21/03/2014)

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and
Vice President of the Commission, issued the following statement today:

“I am deeply disappointed by the Israeli plans to expand settlements, advancing the construction of over 2300 housing units.

Any unilateral action [...]

Jewish Mafia Blackmails Palestinian Official With Prostitute

إنتحار قيادي قلسطيني في رام الله
مافيا إسرائيل تبتز قياديا فلسطينيا مستغلة تصويره في وضع مخل بالآداب

Mr. Nihad Abu Ghosh, spokesperson of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which is led by Nayef Hawatmeh, cut the vein on his left wrist and also the veins of his neck from ear to ear last Saturday [...]

UN Year Year: Boycott Israel

2014: International Year of Solidarity With the Palestinians. The United Nations today launched the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, with senior officials urging that the observance be used to redouble efforts to achieve a durable peace between Israel and Palestine.

Just some weeks into 2014, the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement [...]

Canada Pledges Financial Aid To West Bank

AFP – Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada said Monday the staunch Israeli ally would provide additional financial support for the West Bank, as he met Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas in Ramallah.

“I have the pleasure to announce today that Canada will this year give additional (financial) support for the economic development of the West Bank,” [...]

UK, It's Time To Apologise, International Balfour Campaign

المخابرات الإسرائيلية تحقق معنا في فندق ماريوت في العاصمة الألمانية برلين
الدورة التاسعة والعشرين لأتحاد الأطباء العرب في أوروبا في صور
رئيس الدورة 29 وأعضاء إتحاد الأطباء العرب في أوروبا يشكرون ويعلنون ولائهم لصحيفة دنيا الوطن

Meeting at British Parliament: Britain, It’s Time To Apologize, International Balfour Campaign – The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) is organizing a seminar [...]

Al Ard International Documentary Film Festival About Palestine

مدينة كاليري في جزيرة سردينيا – إيطاليا تستضيف مهرجان للسينما الوثائقية الفلسطينية والعربية

After ten consecutive edition of Al Ard Doc Film Festival – Review of documentary films about Palestine, which have been gathered significant evidence of interest from the public and critics, the Associazione Amicizia Sardegna Palestina (Sardinia Palestine Friendship Association) presents at Caliari – [...]

Noon Session In Favour of Israel at IAEA

إجحاف بحق فلسطين في الدورة 57 من المؤتمر العام لوكالة الطاقة الذرية
شاهد بالصور دبلوماسيون نيام في مؤتمر وكالة الطاقة الذرية

Why did the organisers of the plenary sessions of the IAEA 57th General conference delay the speech of the Palestinian delegation until the middle of the night of Sep. 19 2013, the last available slot? [...]

USA Sponsors Democracy of Prostitutes in Palestine, Video

هؤلاء الكتاب “النشامى” هم رجال الرئيس عباس ودولته الفلسطينية تحت أقدام إسرائيل
رجال أمن عباس يكتبون من تحت الحزام عن المرأة الفلسطينية على الشبكة العنكبوتية

In response to the Youtube video below are the comments published by the intelligence, police and security thugs of “president” Mahmoud Abbas, who went into overtime to insult Palestinian women who [...]

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