Palestinian Minister Suffocated to Death by Israeli Criminal Soldier

PA minister without portfolio and member of the revolutionary council of Fatah, Ziad Abu Ein, 55, was killed on Wednesday shortly after being hit, shoved, grabbed by his throat and hit in the chest by the butt of an Israeli soldier’s gun during a peaceful demonstration marking the United Nation’s International Year of Solidarity with the […]

Torture And Brutal Aggression At PA Jails

حركة “فتح” بين اللكمات والتجميدات والفصل .. وبين غياب الحياة
تعذيب وحشي وعنف في سجون السلطة الفلسطينية
برلين تهب لنجدة مخيم اليرموك
أخبار اليوم من هنا وهناك

A report about the aggressions of the PA’s security agencies – AOHR UK – At the time when Palestinians are living disastrous circumstances caused by the aggressions of the Israeli occupation which […]

Israel Targets Arab States, Syria and Iran at IAEA

Dr. Shaul Chorev, head of the Israeli commission to the IAEA in Vienna claimed while delivering a speech during today’s afternoon session of the 57 General Conference, that the Arab States had rejected all Israeli efforts of peace at the IAEA and other international organizations in the field atomic energy, accusing them of using the […]

Calls Upon the PA to Respect Citizens Rights

On Sunday 28 July a demonstration initiated by the Popular Front for the Liberationof Palestine (PFLP) took place in Ramallah against the decision by President Mahmoud Abbas to return to negotiations with Israel. The protestors planned to march from the Ramallah Christian Orthodox Club to the Mukataa, where they intended to express their discontent with […]

Protesters Against Negotiations With Israel Arrested

المطلوب سحب الثفة من اللجنة التنفيذية
لكم سلطتكم ولنا وطننا وكرامتنا
معا من اجل اسقاط محمود عباس

The militarized “police” of the Palestinian dictatorial regime in Ramallah arrested several Palestinian opponents who were demonstrating in Ramallah against the PA return to negotiations with zionist Israel without taking in consideration the wishes of the majority of Palestinians, who are […]

EU Gifts Dictatorship With Tax-money While Europeans Face Bankruptcy

The European Union continues bestow tax money to the corrupt dictatorship that steals funds which are intended for the poor people. The EU completely ignores the increasing internal problems being faced by a number of EU countries. Among these problems are the never-ending banking and financial crisis next to the increases in unemployment and poverty […]

Hamas Hits Tel Aviv, Abbas Busy of Jailing Palestinians

Left: Hamas shooting rocket at Tel Aviv. Right: Palestinian Authority security forces arresting Palestinians???

الجالية الفلسطينية في ألمانيا تدين الأعتداء الغاشم على قطاع غزة
حماس دكت تل أبيب بالصواريخ وأسقطت طائرة إستطلاع والسلطة الفلسطينية تواصل تعذيب المعتقلين السياسيين المضربين عن الطعام في سجونها
دعوة للتظاهر في النمسا ضد العدوان الإسرائيلي الغاشم على شعبنا في قطاع […]

€9.8 Million Aid from EU at Risk of Disappearing

سفارة فلسطين أم بعثة فلسطين – هل هي حقيقة أم وهم أم ضحك على الشعب الغلبان؟؟؟
الرئيس عباس يقترح تسليم سوريا لنكرة وصعلوك علوي جديد
خالي جمال عبد الناصر / شيخة حليوى

Friday 5 October 2012 – European Union and Belgium contribute €9.8 million to support Palestinian families living in extreme poverty in the West Bank and Gaza.

The […]

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