UN Experts Warns of Possibility of Proliferation of Use of Drones

النمسا تعلن عن تأجيل زيارة مقررة للرئيس اللبناني
Verschiebung des offiziellen Arbeitsbesuchs vom Präsidenten der Libanesischen Republik, Michael Sleiman in Österreich

Two United Nations human rights experts have expressed concern about the potential for illegal use of armed unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones. The experts reported to the General Assembly on Friday on the use of drones.

Speaking […]

Guidelines For The Eligibility Of Israeli Entities In The Occupied Palestine

الطبيب الفلسطيني – جورج نيقولا-  يتماثل للشفاء ويغادر المستشفى

July 16 2013 – The European Union (EU) Tuesday said that they will bar all 28 member states from dealings with the jewish zionists settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank, including the occupied east of Jerusalem. The EU defined the territories occupied by […]

Political Volatility in the European Union

إنحطاط التعليقات واستغلال أسماء الآخرين جريمة يحاسب عليها القانون في النمسا؟؟؟
عاطلون عن العمل يتقاضون مخصصات بطالة يحجون للسفارة من أجل شفط مساعدات مالية

A report titled “Political volatility in the European Union” towards the Israeli colonists in the occupied West Bank was released and distributed widely by 22 European non-governmental organizations, among them church groups.

The […]

Israel Persecutes Israeli Arab MK

The Israeli Public Prosecution in the Magistrate’s Court of Tel Aviv – Jaffa imposed a serious indictment against the Israeli MK (member of the Knesset), Mohammad Barakeh, a Hadash representative. The court accused Barakeh of assaulting police and soldiers on four different occasions over a period of two years since 2005. The indictment was signed […]

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