Former Police Officer Murdered in Bethlehem, EU COPPS Suspect

Former Palestinian Police officer Hasan Mubarak Abu Mahameed, political prisoner in Israel and activist of Fatah, was shot dead by the paramilitary police of the PA in Al-Fureidis (al-Asakira) east of Bethlehem on Monday.

Mr. Abdullah Abu Hadid, a Fatah activist who went to the hospital of Beit Jala to calm the angry Palestinians gathering […]

The Murder of an Arab Woman in Vienna

[Note: This article will be published in the magazine of the International Network of Journalists which is financed by the EU through the IEMED in Barcelona].

Read in German

Thursday, 28. January 2010, there are many people who abuse the family laws in Austria. Young men from Arab countries come to Europe in a gold-rush mood, and […]

Help Gaza and Call 1-800-DEATH-FROM-ABOVE Now !

If you would like to help the Palestinians in Gaza, please call the “Death from Above” number published by the Israeli murders in leaflets dropped on Gaza, or Email them at the address included in these leaflets.

Call 00 972 2 583 9749 (Number is in Israel, phone charges apply)

or Email: helpgaza2008 [at] gmail [dot] com

Tell […]

Children Survive the Israeli Destruction

The story of the eight children of Al-Samouni family who survived six days together with their beloved dead family under the rubble of their house in Gaza, and the story of dead people who are still under the rubble of their houses in Gaza, and the story of barring the rescuers from gathering the wounded […]

New Israeli Massacres in UN Schools in Gaza

The Israeli war criminals committed horrible massacres in the Jabalia refugee camp today Tuesday January 6 2009. They bombed many houses of Palestinian civilians, and the UN schools in the Jabalia and Rafah refugee camps, Killing more than 135 civilian and wounding more than 400, more than half of the victims were children and women.

The […]

Days and Nights of Israeli Horror in Gaza

Horror, fear, hysteria, weeping , involuntary urinating, fever and trauma affect the children of Gaza due to the death of their friends, parents, relatives and seeing the blood covering the streets and the ruins of the destroyed houses. Trauma spreads across the children of Gaza due to the increased number of funerals in the streets, […]

Israel, a Morally Bankrupt State led by Psychopaths

The stinking smell of a conspiracy, a disaster, a political plan is behind the Israeli “war” against the population of Gaza. The Israeli military “Operation Cast Lead” did not begin as a result of adduced “self defense” against Palestinian rockets, which appear to be made and shot for the most part in Israel itself or […]

A Word to the Israeli Intelligence System

Without further introduction, for what do you send me your death squads, you criminal morons? Exactly for what did you send me your fumbling, wannabe “agents” to follow me for hours like thieves, trying to provoke me, calling my friends? What do you want from a Journalist you have already kicked out of her country, […]

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