Israeli Lessons in International Terror

Image from Gaza April 8 2011 during the Israeli airstrike.

Does Israel know that the mossad offers free lessons in international organized terror and crime to all rebels and radical movements, and that through their terror actions they are teaching them how to kidnap and murder Israelis in retaliation for the operations carried out by […]

Ukraine Govt Kidnaps Palestinian For Mossad

I recently wrote about the kidnapping of Dr. Dirar Abu-Sisi, the director of the Gaza power plant, in Ukraine. Now he has disclosed details about his kidnapping and his transfer to Israel through his lawyer of the PCHR. The PCHR calls for immediate release of Abu Sisi and considers his abduction and detention as a […]

Mossad Abducts Director of Gaza Power Plant in Ukraine

Again and again and again and to no end, israel, the mossad, the zionists lobbies are behind the world crises, wars, trouble, kidnappings, murdering and violating the sovereignty of western and Arabs nations and countries alike. Last year, on January 20 2010, the mossad assassinated Hamas member Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in the […]

Libyan Dictator Promises to Hunt More Civilians

Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, who has ruled the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya since 42 years, sent a warning message to the peaceful demo participants in Libya: he said that that a cruel, hard and shaking earthquake will face the demonstrators in response to their chaos. The warning message was delivered during the opening of the new […]

Egypt Burn, Israel Wants the Sinai, Mubarak Fights Death

Egypt revolution 2011, pic. credit: Abcharlie,

The Egyptian revolution was an earthquake to the israeli zionisit organization, which shows confusion in how to deal with the sudden situation where the majority of the Egyptian nation demands the departure of 82-year-old President Hosni Mubarak, his ruling party and his fascist military regime.

Israel, the […]

Mossad, The Biggest Loser In Tunisia

“Leave Tunis, leave, to the israeli gang!”, the Tunisian demonstrators chant angrily, demanding the departure of the Tunisian ruling party from the transitional government.
The Israeli media reported after the fall of the Tunisian regime about the fears that Israel could be cut off from its “confidential relationships” with the Tunisian rulers in the wake of […]

EU Spying Scandal of 2003 Points to Mossad

Andrew Rettan – EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Belgium’s Standing Intelligence Agencies Review Committee has in a fresh report out on Tuesday (11 January) revealed details of a 2003 EU bugging scandal and named Israeli secret services as a potential culprit. The report, completed in late 2010, is available on the committee’s website in Flemish and […]

A New Capture of a Mossad Agent in Lebanon

Lebanese security arrested a newly uncovered Mossad agent (Charbel Q.) who had a sensitive post at “Alpha”, the Lebanese telecommunications sector company. The Lebanese authorities described the capture of the new Mossad agent as a big catch saying that we are in the vanguard of uncovering a very precious treasure in terms of the services […]

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