Egypt's First Freely Elected President Sentenced to 20 Years

Agencies- AP / REUTERS – Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi was sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges arising from the killing of protesters on Tuesday, nearly three years after he became Egypt’s first freely elected president.

Morsi stood in a cage in court as judge Ahmed Sabry Youssef read out the ruling against him […]

Morsi Urges Peaceful Revolution in Leaked Letter From Prison

Middle East Eye – The ousted president has urged Egyptians to resist military-backed authorities in a letter insisting the ‘revolution will triumph soon’

MEE staff – Ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi has released a statement from his prison cell urging the people of Egypt to “continue along the path” of revolution, a day after former army […]

President Abbas Running Smear Campaign Against Hamas In Egypt

Fron Left: Tayeb Abed Al-Rahim, Majed Faraj, Ziyaf Hab al-Rih and Bashir Abu Hatab

كتاب قوس قزح: لسنا حمساويين أو فتحاويين أو جبهاوبين أو ديمقراطيين أو … بل صحفيين
مصر تحت المجهر: هل ينتهي شهر رمضان المبارك بمجزرة دموية في ساحة رابعة العدوية في مصر؟؟
يا عزيزتنا يا مصر.. يا حبيبتنا يا مصر.. للبيت رب يحميه

During […]

Egypt: Time To Back Down

المؤسسات والجمعيات العربية تتجاهل دماء المصريين وتشغل نفسها بالتسول والموائد الرمضانية
الغارديان: يجب رد الإعتبار لمرسي.. حان وقت التراجع

Editorial – The Guardian, Sunday 28 July 2013 22.15 BST    
In the immediate future, the decisions of the army, and what are probably now its rather nervous civilian allies, are critical – The impasse into which Egypt has […]

UN Rights Chief Presses Egypt on Morsi Detention

النمسا تودع د. الوزير وترحب بالسفير القادم
المفوضية العليا تسأل أين مرسي وعلى أي أساس قانوني تم إعتقاله

Reuters – The top United Nations human rights official has asked Egypt’s interim government to explain why the army detained elected President Mohamed Morsi and his close aides and whether it plans to put them on trial, a U.N. […]

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