Egypt: More Than 500 Sentenced to Death in Grotesque Ruling

Amnesty International– The death sentences handed down by an Egyptian court on March 25 2014 are a grotesque example of the shortcomings and the selective nature of Egypt’s justice system, Amnesty International said.

According to state media reports, in a single hearing this morning, the Minya Criminal Court sentenced 529 supporters of former President Mohamed Morsi […]

The Situations of Journalist in Egypt has Deteriorated

السيسي في معرفة المعرفة: محاضرة في المركز الثقافي المصري أم هذيان دون معرفة؟؟
الإعلامي محمد الأسواني يكتب معلقا على محاضرة دكتور الجنادي حول معرفة المعرفة

With the trial of former president Mohamed Morsi and major leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood under way on 4 November, Egyptian media workers are targets of attack. Freedom of information is threatened. […]

Morsi At the Start Of The Trial: Down With The Military Rule!

محاكمة الرئيس المصري المعزول كما تناولتها الصحف النمساوية والعالمية اليوم

CAIRO – As Egypt’s new military-led government consolidates its power, Mohamed Morsi, the deposed president, went on trial on Monday in a makeshift courtroom, facing charges of inciting the murder of protesters.

But soon after the trial opened, news reports said, with Mr. Morsi defiantly rejecting its […]

Egypt Brotherhood Members Jailed For Life

أحكام  سياسيىة بالمؤيد تصدرها محكمة عسكرية مصرية في الصياح وتنفضها في المساء ضد مؤيدي الرئيس المخلوع مرسي

A military court in Egypt sentenced one of the supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi to life in prison, three people to 15 years and 45 others to five years, a military statement said.

Earlier, military sources said that 11 Muslim […]

Ashton Holds Talks With Ousted President Morsi

Ashton’s spokesperson Maja Kocijancic confirmed that High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Vice-President of the European Commission Catherine Ashton met ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on Monday evening and talked with him for two hours “deep conversation. Morsi was overthrown by a military coup on July 3. He had been […]

Morsi Banner Greets Muslims At Al-Aqsa Mosque

تمرد يا فلسطيني تمرد
الغاء حفلة عساف ……وانهيار السلطة
الانقسام والمال وسلطة رام الله
قيادي سابق بالإخوان التنظيم السري للإخوان ما زال فاعلاً

A huge banner bearing the image of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi and Hamas flags greeted the tens of thousands of Muslim worshipers who arrived at Al-Aqsa Mosque for the first Friday of Ramadan.

Palestinian worshipers […]

Egypt Islamists On The Streets Against The Military Coup

Cairo – July 6, 2013 – Gen. Abdel Fatah Said Al-Sisi, Commander in Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces since 12 August 2012 and the current Supreme Commander of the Egyptian Armed Forces since 3 July 2013, made a mistake in estimating the strength of the Islamic movement, led by the Muslim Brotherhood movement in […]

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