Death Of Governor Sends Message To Zionists

متنفذين في حركة فتح على علاقة في إطلاق الرصاص على منزل قدورة موسى ومقتله  /  مستوطنة جلبوع تنعى قدورة موسى وتعدد مناقبه وخدماته للمستوطنين  /   ماذا وراء مقتل محافظ جنين قدورة موسى

Kaddura “Qadoura” Musa, aged 60, the governor of the Jenin district in the West Bank, was killed by the Palestinian resistance during the […]

EU and US Are Involved in the Torture of Palestinians

Sunday, March 14 2010 – The European Union, US war criminal General Keith Dayton, the Egyptian and the Jordanian regimes, are all jointly responsible for the torture of Palestinian prisoners at the PA jails. Dayton is the de-facto head of the corrupt PA repression system; his forces taught the PA thugs numerous kinds of torture […]

Israel Arrests Palestinian Security Forces

The Palestinian Authority “PA” covered up the news that on last Friday 20 November 2009, the Israelis arrested five senior Palestinian intelligence officers near the town of Salfit in the north of the West Bank which is under it’s power, among them the regional intelligence commander for Salfit, Mohammad Abdel Hamid. The Palestinian Authority also […]

Military and Intelligence Demo in Support of Abbas

Have you ever heard in the past, present, or from the old ages, that the military, security, police, intelligence systems, ministers and government employees in a country anywhere, USA, United Kingdom, Europe, China, Japan or even in the Hololo Islands,  had gone to the streets to demonstrate in support of their President so that the […]

Palestine Between US-Israel Dictate and Fatah Conflict

Politics is a filthy and immoral game, and all politicians are liars and blood suckers. In the Middle East, these immoral politicians have turned Palestine into a field of political experiments, into a cheap collective political bargaining tool, the so-called “peace process”. Between the criminals of US-Israel, the corrupt Arab regimes, the European countries, the […]

Do Not Waste Your Time in Palestine, Obama

As a Palestinian, I strongly support the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, however, a state with complete power and not under the Israeli occupation and the dictates of the US and foreign countries. As a journalist, I am obliged to carry the moral and ethical values of Journalism. To carry the voice of those […]

Charity Raids Coordinated by the US and Financed by the EU

Following the interchanging of the roles of coordination between the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli occupation raided the Palestinian charities of Hebron, Nablus, Ramallah and Jenin in the West Bank cities, closing, vandalizing, looting, destroying, and transferring their respective properties to the Israeli military central command Gadi Shamni, and the Palestinian Authority […]

What Really Happens in Gaza and the West Bank

On Sunday 24, it became known that Keith Dayton and Jacob Wallace, the US Consul General in Jerusalem, are dictating the “security policy” for Palestine. Several meeting were held between the PA president Abass, the American envoys, and Palestinian General Abdel Razeq Al-Yehyah. This can only mean that a disaster is coming and that huge […]

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