Zionist Criminals Commit More Massacres in the Gaza Strip

Israeli war criminals IOF commit more massacres in the Gaza Strip, 506 Killed including 131 Children and 64 Women as the Civilian Casualties Continue to Rise. Human Rights Organizations Deplore the Failure of International Community to Protect Civilians. 

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) continued its attacks on the Gaza Strip. Attacks on homes and other civilian […]

Houses Destroyed Over the Heads of Residents in Gaza

هل عباس رئيساً لشعب فلسطين أم أنه مستشرق ضعيف أم سفيرا لإسرائيل في فلسطين؟؟

Houses Destroyed over the Heads of Residents and Evacuation Orders in North Gaza – Al Mezan: 167 killed, including 34 children and 27 women, over 1001 injured; including 227 children and 183 women, and 869 houses destroyed, including 187 completely by day […]

Pictures of Israeli Army Raiding Ramallah / PA Thugs Hide in Basements

The israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided the center of Ramallah, where the headquarters of “president” Mahmoud Abbas and his “security” bodies are located, this dawn. Palestinian citizens came out of their houses and clashed with IOF. They threw stones and Molotov cocktails at IOF.

The criminal raid lasted at most three hours of this Sunday’s morning. […]

Women In Gaza Are Affected by The Armed Conflict

إمتحانات أبنائنا في الخارج.  موعد الإجتماع الخميس القادم 14 فبراير 2013 بالمكتب الثقافي الساعة السادسة مساءاً

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights – Fact-sheet on Women in Armed Conflict, 2012 – Part of “Strengthening national capacities to monitor and document and advocate for women’s rights in times of armed conflict” project funded by OSF

This fact-sheet shows […]

Israel Recruiting Palestinians to Work as Terrorists

The Israeli intelligence staff working at Erez, Qalandia, Beit Ell and other offices of the so-called civil administration is now requiring that Palestinians who need to pass their checkpoints for any reason or who need to travel to occupied Jerusalem for medical treatment at the hospitals there, that they declare that they belong to “al […]

Israeli Occupation Murders Journalists in Gaza

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) killed Aqsa TV cameramen Salamah and Al-Komi- MADA demands the formation of an international investigation commission

Ramallah- 21 November 2012: Israeli occupation forces committed a new crime against the Palestinian journalists when they killed Al-Aqsa TV cameramen Mahmoud Al-Komi (30 years) and Hossam Salameh (30) years at about six o’clock in this […]

On the 4th Day of the Zionist Aggression: Casualties on the Rise

بيان صادر عن الجمعية العربية النمساوية
بيان صادر عن التجمع الفلسطيني في ألملنيا
إفتتاح فعاليات التضامن مع الشعب الفلسطيني في العاصمة الألمانية برلين بإعتصام جماهيري حاشد

During four days of the israeli zionist war crimes in Gaza, 40 Palestinians have been killed and over 400 injured, among them many in serious conditions, one third of the killed and […]

PRC condemns Israeli assault on Gaza Strip

حزب الحرية والاستقلال يدعو السلطة إلى وقف الاتصالات والتنسيق الأمني مع الاحتلال الإسرائيلي  
اتحاد الجاليات والمؤسسات والفعاليات الفلسطينية في الشتات ـ أوروب يدين الأعتداء الغاشم على قطاع غزة
الاتحاد العام للجاليات الفلسطينية في اوروبا يدين العدوان الاسرائيلي علي اهلنا في قطاع غزة
بيانات إدانة وصلتنا من فلسطين ضد العدوان الصهيوني غلى قطاع غزة

The Palestinian Return Centre […]

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