Idan Tal Wants To Burn My Family

Smoke billows from the area east of Jabalia as Israeli artillery shells explode over the northern Gaza Strip on January 11, 2009. Pic. Credit: AFP / Mahmoud Hams

The E-mail below was sent from the so-called “Israel”, the Jewish Agency, the fraud “State” established by an illegal promise over the land […]

Names of War Criminals Donated by Israeli Soldier

List of war criminals, further details follows.

List of war criminals, further details follow.

Read more about the Israeli war criminals. See more pictures of war criminals.

On Friday Nov. 19 2010, an Israeli soldier sent me the e-mail below in which he asked me to add him to the list of war criminals. He […]

Execution at Dawn in Holy Jerusalem

Fethiya with her children after receiving the news of the execution of her her husband.

The darkness was still a lowered curtain in the early hours of dawn in the holy occupied city of Jerusalem. The crows were flying in the sky, witnesses of the Israeli terrorist execution of a poor Palestinian laborer. Chasing, beating, […]

Riddle Or Conspiracy of Traitors , Video

Is this a Palestinian-Israeli riddle or a conspiracy? Yesterday I was searching and documenting the bloody crimes of several Israeli officials who were involved in genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes against the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, among others I was interested in Maj. Gen. Avi Mizrahi, Brig. Gen. Yoav “Polly” Mordechai, […]

The Fog of Smear by the Wife of a Convert

Criticism of Palestinian institutions in the interest of Palestine is a healthy phenomenon, especially when the author of the criticism has a known history of struggle in defense of Palestine and when this criticism is done in the national interest of Palestine.

During my over 26 years of working as a journalist in occupied Palestine, this […]

End of the Quiet Before the Storm in Lebanon

After weeks of continuous Israeli threats against Lebanon, Hezbollah, intensive military exercises and preparations for a new war, one week after publication of the threats of the Israeli war criminal, the crazed “minister of defense” Barak in the Washington Post, in which he said during an interview published in the newspaper that Israel will hit […]

Ban Israel from the London 2012 Olympics

Rnps Inagees of the year 2009 MEA – Members of the Palestinian Nabhan family live in the remains of their house in eastern Jabalya refugee camp March 14, 2009. Their house was destroyed during Israel's three-week long offensive in Gaza Strip last January. Reuters – Yannis Behrakis

Sign a petition of Gaza and […]

Flotilla Resolution Breaks Zionist Propaganda

Signs held up during Protests in Vienna

Below follows the resolution adopted unanimously by the municipal council of Vienna. It bears the signatures of all political parties, and this has caused the anger of the zionist colony in Vienna. In fact, the days since this resolution was adopted have seen paroxysms of rage […]

Austrian Flag
Bild aus dem Parlament

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