Egyptian Regime Applies Israeli Plan to Crush Resistance

The miserable and unwanted Egyptian regime headed by Hosni Mubarak has started to implementat the Israeli plan for crushing the revolution in Egypt. The zionists’ plan was prepared by the high ranks of the israeli military and presented by the office of the israeli prime minister to General Omar Suleiman, the head of the Egyptian […]

Israeli Death Squads to Infiltrate Egyptian Protests

The office of israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered their counterpart in the Egyptian government, Omar Suleiman, also head of Egyptian intelligence, to send death squad units, the groups of militant zionist murderers who wear Arab civilian clothes also known as “mistaaravim”, to infiltrate the protesters in Egypt in order to assassinate the […]

Egypt Burn, Israel Wants the Sinai, Mubarak Fights Death

Egypt revolution 2011, pic. credit: Abcharlie,

The Egyptian revolution was an earthquake to the israeli zionisit organization, which shows confusion in how to deal with the sudden situation where the majority of the Egyptian nation demands the departure of 82-year-old President Hosni Mubarak, his ruling party and his fascist military regime.

Israel, […]

Anger Over Israeli Excavations Under Egyptian School

DPA – According to Al-Quds, the Palestinian daily newspaper – Egyptian parliamentarians expressed anger over an Israeli mission currently excavating under the Abu Atwa Secondary School for Girls in the Suez Canal in the city of al-Ismailia, with the stated aim of locating bodies of Israeli soldiers killed during past conflicts with Egypt.

According to the […]

The Christmas Eve Pogrom in Egypt

On January 6 2010, seven Egyptian Coptic Christians were executed in cold blood, and fifteen more were wounded. Two of the wounded died from their grave injuries on the second day after the massacre. This crime took place when three Egyptian terrorists criminals opened fire towards the Coptic worshippers in southern Egyptian town of Nag […]

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