The repercussions of the Corona crisis cast a shadow on the 25th annual National Day in Austria

Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner informed journalists in a press conference held on Oct. 22, 2020 at Heldenplatz in which Oscar winner Stefan Ruzowitzky, military commander Brigadier Kurt Wagner and ORF channel manager Alexander Hofer spoke. Tanner said that the Austrian Armed Forces are presenting themselves this year under the general motto “We protect Austria!”. Minister […]

Protests against Russian President Visit To Austria

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin laid wreath at the Schwarzenberg square at the memorial of the Red Army (“Russian monument”). The monument commemorates the 1945 fallen soldiers of the Red Army in Austria.

Formal military ceremonies took place after the arrival of President Putin in the Schwarzenberg area. The guard of the Austrian Armed Forces was also […]

Österreichischer Verteidigungsminister Bewundert Kamera auf Helikopter

Anlässlich der Vorbereitungen zum Nationalfeiertag nächsten Samstag hat Verteidigungsminister Mag. Gerald Klug eine Pressekonferenz am Heldenplatz gehalten, wo traditionell die Feiern zum Nationalfeiertag abgehalten werden. Der Minister hat sich kurz zu den Feierlichkeiten geäussert und ist anschliessend in Begleitung ranghoher Offiziere des Bundesheeres und anwesender Presse hinaus auf den Heldenplatz gegangen, um die […]

New Year Fireworks at Heldenplatz

Austria and Austrians welcomed 2013 with a cyclist who shortly before midnight “cycled” up a 60m long rope to start the countdown to 2013, which will be the “year of cyclists” in Vienna. After that, waves of spectacular fireworks exploded over Heldenplatz where the Austrian President and Chancellor reside, and opposite the Parliament and the […]

New Year in Vienna 2012 - 2013

This year, the New Year’s Trail in Vienna includes 12 locations with a spectacular programme to suit all tastes and ages fireworks. It is for the 23rd time this year that the City of Vienna has organised a spectacular programme to suit all tastes and ages. There are many different ways to spend the last […]

Frohen Nationaltag, Österreich!

Bildnachweis: Kawther Salam

Um 7 in der Früh hat mich der Wecker aus dem Bett geworfen. Ich wollte es so, denn der 26. Oktober ist für Österreich ein besonderer Tag. Am 26. Oktober 2012 wurde der 57. Jahrestag des Abmarsches der Besatzungstruppen gefeiert. Zurück in der Geschichte, nach dem 2. Weltkrieg war Österreich durch […]

Zions Two Minutes of Hatred in Vienna

Today 8 May is the day on which Nazi Germany capitulated to the allied forces in 1945, what put an end to the second world war which cost the lives of 60-70 million Europeans, uncounted casualties and destroyed infrastructure throughout the continent. The memories of that war are still alive among many Europeans, […]

50 Years of Peace-keeping Mission

From the left: Dr. Karl Schmidseder, the military commander of Vienna, Minister Norbert Darabos, Austrian Minister for Defence and Sports, Sonja Wintersberger, and Mr. Stefan Hirsch.

See more pictures.

“How much have the Austrian peacekeeping missions cost Austria yearly and in total since 50 years?”

Norbert Darabos, the Austrian Minister for Defence and Sports answered […]

Austrian Flag
Bild aus dem Parlament

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