Israel has Crossed the Rubicon

Lynda Brayer is an Israeli lawyer who I met in my homeland in Palestine. She was the lawyer who defended me between 1993 – 1994 against the criminal Israeli soldiers who were hindering my journalistic work, stealing my films, assaulting and detaining me in my own homeland Palestine. Specially when I filmed them torturing Palestinian […]

EU and US Are Involved in the Torture of Palestinians

Sunday, March 14 2010 – The European Union, US war criminal General Keith Dayton, the Egyptian and the Jordanian regimes, are all jointly responsible for the torture of Palestinian prisoners at the PA jails. Dayton is the de-facto head of the corrupt PA repression system; his forces taught the PA thugs numerous kinds of torture […]

The Berlin Wall in Palestine

German, Auf Deutsch

On the ninth of November 2009 hundreds of thousands of Germans celebrated the twentieth anniversary of removing the wall of shame in Berlin, which was razed in 1989.
Many leaders of the EU and the rest of the world, as well as many representatives of religious communities, of social, governmental and non-governmental institutions were […]

Israel Persecutes Israeli Arab MK

The Israeli Public Prosecution in the Magistrate’s Court of Tel Aviv – Jaffa imposed a serious indictment against the Israeli MK (member of the Knesset), Mohammad Barakeh, a Hadash representative. The court accused Barakeh of assaulting police and soldiers on four different occasions over a period of two years since 2005. The indictment was signed […]

Urgent Call: A Minor Abused Sexually in Jail

The lawyer of the Women’s Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP), Taghreed Jahshan, is appealing to everybody from the international community, the European Union, Parliament members, governments, courts, judges, journalists, human rights organizations, peace activists, to rescue the life of a Palestinian girl who was abused SEXUALLY SEVERAL TIMES by an IDF jailer, a warden from […]

The Execution of a Palestinian Journalist

Last Wednsday, August 26 2009, the criminal Israeli occupation forces shot the Palestinian journalist Ubayda Maher  Al-Qudsi, aged 25, while he was walking on Al-Shuhada Street in the heart of the occupied city of Hebron.
To justify the murder, the IDF murderers claimed that Al-Dweik had attempted to attack an IDF soldier with a knife. No […]

EU-Israel and The Loss of The Human Rights

Where are the human rights in the European-Israeli agreements? Is the Israeli occupation human?

Are crass daily violations of human rights in Palestine, the blockade, siege, starvation, murders, incarcerations, demolitions, the construction of squatter colonies, the theft of the dead and their organs, the jailing of their bodies, human?

Are the Israeli practices in the Gaza Strip, […]

Palestinian Organs for Sale and Experiments

“Many Palestinian bodies which had their organs removed are still in the refrigerators of the Israeli jails and hospitals, and many Palestinian bodies (about 300) which had their organs removed are still in secret and cemeteries with numbered graves. Israel is the only State in the world which continues holding the bodies of Palestinian victims […]

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