World Cancer Day Raises Issue Of Treatment for Patients in Gaza

World Cancer Day – INCB reiterates the right to access internationally controlled narcotic drugs for the relief of pain and suffering

At the opening of the 109th session of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), a day before the World Cancer Day on 4 February, INCB President Raymond Yans reaffirmed the importance of the international drug [...]

Catastrophe in Gaza, World Silent and Blind

Darkness, shortage of fuel, flooding, hunger. Two Palestinians were killed and thousands evacuated to shelters while international community is blind and keeps silence like nothing is happening.

During the last two days thousands of Gazans were evacuated from their homes because of the flooding caused by the storm “Alexa” that invaded the Middle East and [...]

Egypt Involved in Crimes Against Humanity in Gaza

What is the benefit to the Egyptians from the continuous closure of the Rafah crossing, the only crossing that allows the million and a half persons living in Gaza to have contact with the world?
What are the motives that make the Egyptian government insist on the closure of the crossing, denying Palestinian students, patients, [...]

UN Experts Warns of Possibility of Proliferation of Use of Drones

النمسا تعلن عن تأجيل زيارة مقررة للرئيس اللبناني
Verschiebung des offiziellen Arbeitsbesuchs vom Präsidenten der Libanesischen Republik, Michael Sleiman in Österreich

Two United Nations human rights experts have expressed concern about the potential for illegal use of armed unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones. The experts reported to the General Assembly on Friday on the use of drones.

Speaking [...]

Israeli Trap to Arrests Palestinian Patient

طبيب غزي يترأس مؤتمر إتحاد الأطباء العرب في دورته  التاسعة والعشرين في ألمانيا

Israeli forces arrested 14 Palestinians at the Beit Hanoun crossing, the so-called “Erez” crossing, since the beginning of 2013. The Israeli forces exploit the need of Palestinians to travel and use crossings as traps, Al Mezan for human rights reported.

The Beit Hanoun [...]

Israeli Spy in UAE Does Israels Dirty Work in Gaza

مطرود فلسطيني وعميل صهيوني – يعمل مستشارا في دولة خليجية متورط في أحداث سيناء

وتؤكد تقارير سابقة أن دحلان القيادي السابق في حركة فتح، والذي كان مسؤولاً أمنياً كبيراً في السلطة الفلسطينية هو الذي يقف وراء عدد من عمليات التخريب واستهداف الجيش والشرطة المصرية في سيناء بالقرب من قطاع غزة، وذلك بالتنسيق [...]

ICHR Calls for Opening Rafah Crossing

The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) follows up the political changes taking place in the Egyptian scene with concern about the repercussions of these changes and their reflections on the Palestinian situation, especially with regard to the human rights situation in the Gaza Strip. As the Palestinian National Human Rights Institution, ICHR affirms its [...]

Ashton Holds Talks With Ousted President Morsi

Ashton’s spokesperson Maja Kocijancic confirmed that High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Vice-President of the European Commission Catherine Ashton met ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on Monday evening and talked with him for two hours “deep conversation. Morsi was overthrown by a military coup on July 3. He had been [...]

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