Europäische Unterstützung für den palästinensischen Versöhnungsprozess nötig

Fritz Edlinger – Wien Dec. 26 2011 – Der Generalsekretär der Gesellschaft für Österreichisch-Arabische Beziehungen (GÖAB) Fritz Edlinger begrüßte in einer Stellungnahme die vor wenigen Tagen in Kairo abgeschlossene Vereinbarung zwischen den wichtigsten palästinensischen Fraktionen, eine umfassende Reform der Palästinensischen Befreiungsbewegung in Angriff zu nehmen und dadurch den Beginn einer dringend notwendigen politischen, personellen und […]

European Diplomats Draft Demands Jerusalem Protection

The European draft report quoted below recommends the imposition of punitive measures against Israel as a protest of its regime of continuous building of colonies (settlements) in the occupied territories and Jerusalem and the continued demolition of Palestinian houses. Among the EU recommendations:  “Deployment of EU observers in the places of settlement construction […]

To Live and Love in Palestine

“To Live and Love in Palestine” is a literary, musical and cultural evening which will take place on May 7 2010 in the Odeon in Vienna. The event is organized by Society for Austro-Arab Relations headed by Mr. Fritz Edlinger. Dr. Sahar Khalifeh, a famous Palestinian writer and novelist will take part in the event […]

The UN Must End Israel War Crimes

Following the activities of the “Annual Observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People” which was held on December 1 2009 at the UN center in Vienna in which Mr. Antonio Maria Costa, the UNOV General-Director, left the room after about 20 minutes and before listening to the speech of the Palestinian […]

UN Denigrates Solidarity With Palestine

Ban Ki-moons Concern and 62 Years of Nakba,

Israel Criticized Sharply at the UN in Vienna

Journalists rarely write about what is goes on in the offices of the United Nations in New York and elsewhere in the world. Rarely are the United Nations affairs discussed in public. This giant and luxurious bureaucracy surrounds itself with a […]

Jerusalem Capital of Arab Culture

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On Friday, Nov, 27 2009, on occasion of the celebration of “Jerusalem Capital of Arab Culture” in the “Haus der Begegnung” in Vienna, a great cultural and folklore evening was held under the auspices of Dr. Suleiman J. Al-Herbish, Director-General of the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), Fritz Edlinger, Secretary General […]

The Former Leader of Gaza Death Squads

Mohammed Dahlan, who deceived the Europeans and the Americans, who financed his defeated army of death squads, the army that fled from Gaza after the first bullet was fired by Hamas militants who wished to reach the phantom of illusory power.

Mohammed Dahlan, who convinced everyone that he is the right man in the right place, […]

EU and the Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

The 25th annual conference of the Arab medical doctors in Europe and the 21st annual conference of the Union of the Austro-Arab medical doctors and pharmacists, held at the Modul Hotel in Vienna, was turned to a political demonstration against the Israeli occupation and its criminal policies against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on […]

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