Dictatorship Bans Demo in Support of Egypt

The Palestinian zionist dictator Major General Adnan Al-Damiri, major political Commissioner  and official spokesman of the Palestinian “security” organizations (the dictatorial boss of the police involved in torturing and murdering many Palestinian political elements at the Palestinian jails) announced that he was banning the gathering of Palestinians for peace demonstrations in support of the Egyptian […]

Traitors With Bloodstained Hands

The documents recently published by Al Jazeera which reveal the large volume of the concessions made by the Palestinian “negotiators” to the israeli zionist organization are not my inspiration to write this report. The awful and miserable reality imposed by that americanized Palestinian, Saeb Erekat, on my homeland Palestine, on the town of […]

A Dialogue Between Women

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“… Unfortunately, I married when I was 18 years old, and I was 32 when I got divorced” said Dr. Sahar Khalifah, a famous Palestinian writer and novelist during a dialogue between her and Viola Raheb at the end of the cultural event held on May 7 2010 in the Odeon theater […]

Jerusalem Under the Fire of Death Squads

Today Wednesday, the Palestinian newspapers, especially the PA newspaper Al-Hayat Jadidah and Al-Quds in Jerusalem, came out with miserly and censored news about a day of bloody clashes between the Palestinians and Israeli occupation forces in occupied Jerusalem, which was otherwise described as “the hardest clashes between Palestinians and Israeli occupation forces in the years […]

NGO Network Call for Postponing the PJS Elections

Feb. 4 2010 – A court belonging to the illegal Hamas government decided today, Thursday, Feb. 3 2010, to suspend the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS) elections which were slated for Friday Feb. 5 2010. The Court claimed that the postponement is due lawsuits which were filed against the PJS. According to legal sources in Gaza […]

Fatah Imposing their Candidates at the PJS Congress

About 500 Palestinian journalists representing the Fatah movement in the Palestinian journalists Syndicate (PJS) went today to the city of Jericho in order to elect their representatives in the PJS congress which will be held on Friday Feb. 2 2010.
My sources from Fatah informed me that both of the Presidential Secretary General Al-Tayeb Abd Al-Rahim, […]

Did Traitor Abbas Instigate the Gaza Massacre?

Did the Palestinian Authority plan and even instigate the war crimes on Gaza together with Israel?
Is the PA also actively involved in urging the UN to postpone the vote on the report of the Goldstone, which accuses Israel of committing war crimes against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip?

If these allegations are true, and […]

Death of Political Prisoners in Palestine

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas movements have trespassed all the limits with their continuous arrests and torture of political activists, and then killing many of them them in their jails. The attitude of these two movements is now similar to what the Israeli occupation has done and is still doing against the Palestinians in occupied […]

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