European Union countries are facing an unprecedented wave of protests

Despite the cold, stormy and rainy weather, massive rallies were staged in downtown Vienna calling on the government to step down and stop wasting public money on useless corona vaccines.

Although the government has announced its arbitrary process of forcing the useless Corona vaccine on citizens, courts have been intervened to prevent it.

Tens of thousands of […]

The assassination of Nizar Banat points the finger of accusation toward EU and U.S

The assassination of Nizar Banat, who intended to run in parliamentary elections before they were cancelled earlier this year points the finger of accusation toward EU and U.S!!The U.S trained the Palestinian Authority forces and provided them with financial assistance (PDF-assistance) (PDF -assistance 2 )with the aim of arresting and suppressing their opponents. During the […]

The EU contributes €24.5 million to the PA payment of August

The European Union has made today a contribution of €24.5 million to the payment of August salaries and pensions of nearly 56,000 Palestinian civil servants and pensioners in the West Bank.

This contribution is funded by the European Union as part of its Direct Financial Support to the Palestinian Authority channelled through PEGASE.

Despite No laws, No […]

EU Is Side By Side With USA at IAEA.

In order to please the USA, European Union Statement on the occasion of the 61st General Conference of the IAEA delivered by Mr Meelis Münt, Vice Minister at Ministry of the Environment ESTONIA concentrated on condemn the DPRK’s latest nuclear test and it’s all nuclear weapons and ballistic missile activities. (Estonia-statement PDF).

Mr Münt said: “The […]

Children Trafficking in EU

Ten Thousand Missing Migrant Children in EU said UNODC Executive Director.

The questions are: Who stands behind the trafficking of migrant children in the EU? Why do most EU countries not prosecute these crimes?

Reacting to a Europol warning that up to 10,000 unaccompanied migrant children travelling to Europe were missing, UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, said […]

1032 Million of EU Taxpayer Money Spent on Israeli Researchers

(PDF EU) – Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation will pay an official visit to Israel between 10 and 12 January.
Commissioner Moedas is responsible for the EU’s Horizon 2020, the world’s largest public research programme with a budget of 77 billion euros over seven years. Israel is fully associated to Horizon […]

Refugees And Migrants In Europe

The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is extremely concerned about the deteriorating situation facing refugees and migrants arriving across Europe. He recalls that many are fleeing persecution, conflict and human rights abuses and have endured arduous journeys in order to reach safety.

He calls on all European States to ensure that they abide by their international obligations, including […]

Chancellor Faymann Appalled by the Recent Human Tragedy Off the coast of Sicily

Does African immigration threaten the economic, social, security aspects, and the future of European nations and their identity? On the other hand, the European politicians have hold views about African immigration which are strongly at variance with those of the European people. “The Editor”

Chancellor Werner Faymann said: “it is completely unacceptable that “time and again, […]

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