Potato Peelers Justify the Flotilla Massacre

Each time Israeli officials and spokespersons open their mouths they spread lies, hate and crimes. Shameful are those pictures of kitchen and maintenance tools shown by the representatives of minister of war Ehud Barak and his spokespersons as “weapons” which according to them justify the killing of nine civilians, injuring dozens, and arresting all the […]

Flotilla Massacre is a Reply to the Turkish-Iranian Relations

The leaders of the Israeli gang of War criminals, the so-called “Israeli government” is currently engaged in inciting and planning to launch a nuclear war against Iran, was not able to do anything in response to the Turkish- Iranian-Brazilian agreement of last May 17 2010 to transfer 1.200 Kg of low-enriched uranium to Turkey in […]

Austria: Genocide Charges against Ehud Barak

The complete text of the charges are here (PDF, German).

Yesterday, at almost the same time when Ehud Barak was being given military honors at the defense ministry, genocide charges against him were being presented at the office of the Austrian prosecutor, only about 15 minutes walking away.

The charges relate entirely to the Gaza massacre committed […]

Would Barak Have Protested if he Knew Who I Am?

Read in German.
See more Photos.

Yesterday, the Israeli minister of war Ehud Barak, the Israeli commander of the occupation arrived in Vienna on an official visit as a guest of Austrian Defense Minister Norbert Darabos. The press office at the Austrian Defense Ministry announced the visit only a few days before his arrival.

The news of the […]

The Body Snatchers of Israel

In German, Linke Zeitung

In French, Talaxcala Translation.

Independently of the recently published article of the Swedish journalist Donald Boström about the Israelis murdering Palestinians in order to harvesting of organs for sale, and independently of the hysteric screeching and denials by the Israelis, I want to present my readers what […]

Names and Photos of Israeli War Criminals in Gaza

French translation is here.

German translation is here.

I have decided to publish some names and photos of the Israeli military personnel who participated in the so-called “Operation Cast Lead”, the offensive launched by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on the Gaza Strip between 27 December and 18 January […]

Israels Operation Cast Lead & Mass Executions

Kawther Salam: “Israel sowed horror, terror and death and will harvest a generation of Palestinian resistance”.

The Israeli military Operation “Cast Lead” is based on ethnic cleansing of the families of Palestinian politicians and resistance in Gaza. According to the cabinet of the criminal Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak, and the chief of the Israeli intelligence, Yuval […]

Catholic Prayers of New Year in Gaza

The Priest of the Roman Catholic Church in Gaza, Monsignor Emmanuel Musallam sent God his wish during the prayer of the new year 2009. He said he wished to see the Israeli criminals Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert, and Tzipi Livni trialed as a war criminals. In Gaza the Christian population is about 3355 Palestinians.

The Palestinians […]

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