A German Submarine to Prepare for Killing All Non-Jews?

A horrific incitement to perpetrate holocaust against humanity, to kill all non-jews, was issued and published in the “holy” jewish rabbinic book “Torat  Hamelech” or “The King’s Torah” (תורת המלךתורת המלך) written by the hate-preaching Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira (הרב יצחק שפירא), Yosef Elitzur (הרב יוסף אליצור), Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the occupied Nablus in […]

The Murder of Non-jews and The Israeli Law Against Boycott

Some days ago the israeli knesset passed into law a bill sponsored by the extremists from the „Israeli Beitenu“ and „Likud“ factions, among them one Ze’ev Elkin and one David Rotem, which makes it „illegal“ to boycott israel and calls for a host of sanctions against anybody boycotting or calling for a boycott against israel […]

Campaign Against the Israeli Genocide

Hebron, or “Al-Khalil” in Arabic, is the second oldest city in Palestine, with almost 180.000 Palestinian inhabitants. Hebron, which is aged 5,500 years, is adapting the spiritual shrine of the Ibrahimi Mosque, where the Prophet Abraham and his wife Sara lie entombed.

Since 1967 Hebron has been occupied by Israel . During these years, the illegal […]

The Annapolis Summit legitimized Genocide

Between the talk about peace of the Israeli government in front the world and inside the closed rooms in Annapolis and the real facts on the ground in the occupied territories, there is the same distance as between heaven and earth. The Israeli Prime Minster Ehud Olmert, who lectured about peace in Annapolis is a […]

Remembering a Daughter of Terrorists

Hundreds of Palestinian children, among them many unborn foetuses, were murdered by the IDF war criminals in the Palestinian cities in the West Bank. The horrible ways how they were killed, their names, never call the attention of the international community. On the other hand, any death of a Jewish settler or of one of […]

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