Two Journalists Detained by Palestinian Security Forces

قوات الأمن الفلسطينية تحتجز مصورين بالقرب من مخيم الجلزون أثناء تصويرهما إعتداءاتها على المواطنين

Shady Hatem, Pic Credit: Radio Bethlehem

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), today, denounced the detention of two journalists by Palestinian security forces, during their coverage of the clashes between residents of Jalazoun and Palestinian security forces, north of […]

Egyptian Boy Arrested For Revolution Symbol On Ruler

السلطات المصرية تحتجز طالبا لدى اكتشاف المدرس ان لديه قرطاسية توحي بشعار رابعة

Schoolboy detained after teacher discovers ruler and notebooks with Rabaa sign, a symbol of opposition to Morsi’s overthrow

Patrick Kingsley in Cairo –, Tuesday 10 December 2013

Scissors and compasses are traditionally considered the most dangerous items in a student’s pencil case. But for […]

A Thirteen Year Old Girl in Israeli Jail

Israeli soldiers detained a thirteen-year- old girl from her home in the Old City of Hebron on Tuesday the 23rd of March.  At about 5:45 PM, CPTers followed four soldiers as they entered the girl’s home and ordered the entire family to the roof.  Once on the roof, a fifth soldier from a permanent post […]

We are Sick of the American-Israeli Interference

I am writing this article after I escaped from the criminal action of Israelis on November 1, 2008, who came to Vienna to watch and to harass me. I wonder if the mission of these criminals to terrorize me in exile was coordinated between the Israelis and the Palestinian “security” team, just like what is […]

Free the Palestinian Journalists!

Unfortunately, the Palestinian journalists who are held in the jails of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and other West Bank cities are more likely to be tortured than the Palestinian journalists who are held in the Israeli military jails. The Palestinian Authority has committed crimes against journalism and the freedom of speech. They […]

The Life of three Widows in Hebron

The occupational redeployment did not change the Palestinians tragic life in Hebron. All what happened during what so called “Peace Time”, Hebron divided into area H1 under the Palestinian control and area H2 under control of the Israeli authorities. This division was agreed upon at the “Taba Agreement” by the so called “Palestinian Authority”.

Anyone who […]

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