Polizei und Demonstrationen im Westbahnhof in Wien

 السلطات النمساوية تعثر على خريطة إعرف عدوك في منزل قيادي بارز في حركة الأخوان المسلمينخلايا اخوانية حمساوية نائمة في النمسا

Polizisten bildeten Kontrollen und Absperrungen rund um den Westbahnhof. Sie folgten einem Demonstrationszug , der sich gegen Kanzler Kurz und seine Regierung richtete und dessen Rücktritt forderte.

Die Polizei umzingelte den Westbahnhof und sperrte die dort verlaufende […]

Palestinian Minister Suffocated to Death by Israeli Criminal Soldier

PA minister without portfolio and member of the revolutionary council of Fatah, Ziad Abu Ein, 55, was killed on Wednesday shortly after being hit, shoved, grabbed by his throat and hit in the chest by the butt of an Israeli soldier’s gun during a peaceful demonstration marking the United Nation’s International Year of Solidarity with the […]

Demonstration, Gas and Eggs in Vienna

Read in German. See more pictures.

May 31 2010 – Kather Salam – About thousand angry Turks, Palestinians, Arabs, and Austrians held a sit-in in front of the Israeli embassy in the eighteenth district in Vienna. The protestors condemned the crimes of the Israeli mass execution carried out by commando unit on the Humanitarian Freedom Flotilla, […]

Demo For Free Education for All

“Stop the new European law – Stoppt die UG-novelle gegen Bildungsabbau”, “Education is a right and no privilege – Bildung ist ein recht und kein Privilege”, “Reclaim your University”, “Education not for sale”. See Demo photos
These signs were raised yesterday July 8 2009 at 11 in the morning in the Ring Street near the Parliament, […]

Journalist Attacked During Islamic Demo Against Israel

“Stop the massacre in Gaza – Stopp das Massaker in Gaza” – a huge demonstration against the  criminal state of Israel was organized by many Islamic organizations in Vienna. It took place on Friday, January 16, 2009, and started at 3PM from the Westbahnhof / Mariahilfer Straße in the sixth district. They walked along Mariahilferstraße […]

Palestinian Police Attacked Demonstrators

Today, January 9, 2009, thousands of demonstrators protested against the Israeli war crimes in Gaza and chanted against the Israeli and Egypt governments. The demonstrators were free to chant what ever they wanted and to raise any flag and slogan they want. Everywhere in the world. We did not hear that the police used violence […]

New Israeli Massacres in UN Schools in Gaza

The Israeli war criminals committed horrible massacres in the Jabalia refugee camp today Tuesday January 6 2009. They bombed many houses of Palestinian civilians, and the UN schools in the Jabalia and Rafah refugee camps, Killing more than 135 civilian and wounding more than 400, more than half of the victims were children and women.

The […]

The Israeli Terrorist Occupation is a Crime

A huge demonstration against the Israeli war crimes in Gaza took place today in Vienna. Over 15.000 men, women and children from different parts of the Arab community as well as Austrian leftist organizations and Turkish, participated in the day of anger against the Israeli crimes.
Omar Al-Rawi, an Austrian Parliament member, and Fritz Edlinger, […]

Austrian Flag
Bild aus dem Parlament

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