Funeral March For Privacy In Austria

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Saturday – April 31 2012 – Kawther Salam,
About three thousand Austrian protesters held a funeral March with prayers against the implementation of the “Data Retention Law” (Spying law) from the first of April 2012 in Austria. The demonstrators carried symbolic “Privacy” coffins to express their anger against the disrespect of the government for […]

Austria Stops Money Shipment to Syria

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The Syrians in Austria asked the government in a letter delivered by the President of the Syrian community and Association, Dr. Ala-Eldine Hallak, to the office of Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann, to expel the Syrian ambassador from Austria, to freeze the current economic relations with Syrian […]

Child Castrated by Syrian Intelligence Thugs, Video

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The Syrian intelligence cut off the genitals of a 13-year-old child, Hamza Ali Al-Khatib, before returing his dead body to his family, with black marks of tortures, bullets holes and without his genitals. The torture and murder of this child lead to demos in all Syrian cities and towns and […]

President Al-Assad Must Apologize To The Children

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Despite Bashar Al-Assad’s promise of reforms, hundreds of Syrian and Arab protesters demonstrated against President Assad’s regime today Sunday April 17 2011 in solidarity with the Syrians protesters and their legitimate demands. The demo took place at Stephansplatz in the city center of Vienna.

The demonstrators chanted loudly against Assad […]

Syrian Embassy Staff Hides Behind Curtains

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Why does the staff of the Syrian Embassy hide behind curtains?

On last Friday March 25 2011, a small demo took place in front of the Syrian embassy in Vienna, in support and solidarity with the people of the Diraa, the Syrian city where dozens of civilians, […]

Hillary Faced Black Flags, Anti-US Chants in Tunisia

Black flags, demos and “go away” chants was what the US foreign minister faced on Thursday March 17 2011 during her visit to Tunisia. The International media did not pick up and reveal the news about Hillary’s visit and how the Tunisian journalist shouted at the minister’s security and forced them to retreat from their […]

Flotilla Resolution Zerbricht die Zionistische Propaganda

Flaggen vor dem Bundespräsidentenamt am 4. Juni

Weiter unten folgt ein Beschliessungsantrag, der vom Wiener Gemeinderat einstimmig angenommen wurde. Er hat die Unterschriften von allen Parteien, und er hat die zionistische Kolonie in Wien wütend gemacht. Seit der annahme dieser Resolution hat es fast täglich neue Wutanfälle bei den Vertretern der zionistischen […]

Flotilla Resolution Breaks Zionist Propaganda

Signs held up during Protests in Vienna

Below follows the resolution adopted unanimously by the municipal council of Vienna. It bears the signatures of all political parties, and this has caused the anger of the zionist colony in Vienna. In fact, the days since this resolution was adopted have seen paroxysms of […]

Austrian Flag
Bild aus dem Parlament

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