Polizei aus Palästina zu Besuch im Kurort

الشرطة النمساوية دربت ثلاث ضباط شرطة فلسطينيين
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Woche.at – Delegation holte sich in Bad Gleichenberg wertvolle Tipps von steirischen Kollegen.

Im Rahmen des EU-Projekts “EUPOL-Copps” leitete die Sicherheitsakademie des Innenministeriums den Besuch einer Polizeidelegation aus Palästina in Bad Gleichenberg in die Wege. Der Kontakt erfolgte über Gruppeninspektor Michael Köldorfer, […]

Former Police Officer Murdered in Bethlehem, EU COPPS Suspect

Former Palestinian Police officer Hasan Mubarak Abu Mahameed, political prisoner in Israel and activist of Fatah, was shot dead by the paramilitary police of the PA in Al-Fureidis (al-Asakira) east of Bethlehem on Monday.

Mr. Abdullah Abu Hadid, a Fatah activist who went to the hospital of Beit Jala to calm the angry Palestinians gathering […]

EU Expresses Concern About PA Unlawful Arrests

Finally, the European Union expressed concern over the continuing violations of the Palestinian Authority (PNA Militia) for Human Rights!  

COPPS training the PA police to drag prisoners around in a miserable way? (Pic: COPPS)

The European Union has expressed its concern about the Palestinian Authority unlawful arrests and ill treatment, freedom of assembly, freedom […]

Violation of the Right to Physical Safety: Torture and Ill-Treatment

Photos: See How Palestine Turns Into Abu Ghraib

In 2012, The Independent Commission For Human Rights (ICHR) received numerous complaints of alleged cases of violations involving the right to physical safety in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

A total number of 306 cases of allegations of torture were received by ICHR in 2012, numbering (134) […]

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