In stunning turn of events, the United States government withdraws from Palestine

In stunning turn of events, the United States government withdraws from Palestine, new law dictates / by Chelli Stanley

EU Copps training Palestinian police to drag prisoners around in this miserable way? (Pic Credit: COPPS)

In a stunning turn of events, the United States government must withdraw from Palestine, for a period of not less […]

Hidden Camera At Bathroom Of An American Guesthouse in Germany

I shot these pictures on Monday Dec. 15 2014 at 12:23 at one of the guesthouses in Germany.

The pictures clearly show that there was a hidden camera installed at the bathroom of the Guests.

I noticed the camera after I had finished showering. My picture was appeared at the top of a column which […]

Man Arrested for Decorating Christmas Tree

فنانة فلسطينية من النمسا تحلم باقامة معرض بحيفا
فنانة تشكيلية فلسطينية – نمساوية تتساءل: كيف أعرض لوحات القدس والمعتقلين في مسقط رأسي حيفا؟؟

According to a report from Maan newspaper, last Tuesday Mustafa al-Arraj, a Palestinian man from Bethlehem, was detained and tortured by the goons of the most excellent Mahmoud Abbas, the protector of zionist criminals, […]

Short Analysis of Egypt’s Political Pressures

تحليل قصير لأسباب الضغوط السياسية في مصر

The territorial ambitions of the zionists are no secret as they have been published for at least 100 years, most of the political problems of the countries and nations near israel are derived from these ambitions and the machinations of the zionists and their allies perpetrated in the interest […]

Dictatorship Bans Demo in Support of Egypt

The Palestinian zionist dictator Major General Adnan Al-Damiri, major political Commissioner  and official spokesman of the Palestinian “security” organizations (the dictatorial boss of the police involved in torturing and murdering many Palestinian political elements at the Palestinian jails) announced that he was banning the gathering of Palestinians for peace demonstrations in support of the Egyptian […]

Widow of the CIA Suicide Bomber Breaks Silence

Finally Defne Bayrak, the Turkish journalist who lives in Istanbul in Turkey, widow of Dr. Hammam Khalil Abu-Malal Al-Balawi, the suicide bomber who blew himself up and killed seven American CIA members, a Jordanian Royal CIA agent, and injured six others in Chapman airbase in Afghanistan, told the Al-Sabah Daily newspaper in […]

Who Wants to Slap Me in Face With a Shoe?

Since I published my articles about the Jordanian CIA suicide-bomber at Chapman airfield in Afghanistan, which killed the Jordanian intelligence officer Captain Al-Sharif Ali bin Zaid, a member of the Jordanian royal family, and another seven elements of the US Central Intelligence Agency and wounded six others, I have received several “interesting” Emails from OBED SANTOS, […]

Who Was the CIA Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan?

The report below was published in Al-Jazeera Arabic. It surprised me that Al-Jazeera English is not publishing the same information on their homepage, or at least translating this important report from Arabic. There is a deep gap between what the Arabic and English editions of Al-Jazeera are reporting. Nobody knows why Al-Jazeera in English seems […]

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