Is israel real state or is it a terrorist state? - An assessment.

On the occasion of the signing of the Shame Agreement at the White House today, September 15, 2020, between the United Arab Emirates and Israel under the auspices of their American friend, the president with frown hairs on the right and left Mr. Donald Trump and his son-in-law, a former member of the Kach movement […]

Exclusive: Britain Cancels Three Arms Contracts to Sisi's Egypt

بريطانيا ألغت عددا من عقود الأسلحة مع مصر

MIDDLE EAST EYE – Dania Akkad – Correspondence between the British government and the Muslim Brotherhood show the two were talking long after former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi took power – and only shortly before the UK inquiry into the Brotherhood was announced

Britain cancelled export licenses for […]

UK, It's Time To Apologise, International Balfour Campaign

المخابرات الإسرائيلية تحقق معنا في فندق ماريوت في العاصمة الألمانية برلين
الدورة التاسعة والعشرين لأتحاد الأطباء العرب في أوروبا في صور
رئيس الدورة 29 وأعضاء إتحاد الأطباء العرب في أوروبا يشكرون ويعلنون ولائهم لصحيفة دنيا الوطن

Meeting at British Parliament: Britain, It’s Time To Apologize, International Balfour Campaign – The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) is organizing a seminar […]

Israel Should be Tried for War Crimes

Jan. 15 2010 (AP). Israelis who authorized the use of white phosphorous in densely populated Gaza should be tried for war crimes, a British Labour Party legislator said Friday, after entering the Hamas-ruled territory with 60 European parliamentarians.

The lawmakers are visiting Gaza to draw attention to the territory’s “evil blockade” by Israel and Egypt, said […]

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